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At the point that a scholarship was announced for fashion journalism, there was one thought that was raised. This thought was about the relationship between fashion and social media. One thing that some people may be thinking is that social media is taking over some aspects of fashion that journalism is unable to capture. Therefore, social media might be the future of fashion. After all, one of the most posted messages on social media is related to fashion. Academy of Art University is recognizing social media and its influence on fashion. This is one of the reasons that there are suggestions being made about whether or not social media has a bright future with fashion.

While people are taking a lot of images and uploading them to social media sites, there are some people who are actually taking photos of risky outfits. Some people are stepping outside of their fashionable comfort zone and actually showing off looks that they deem to be weird. One factor that has often influenced fashion to a greater extent than the others is the breaking of fashion rules. Academy of Art University is encouraging fashion designers and consumers to break the rules of fashion because they are way past their time.

Another reason that it is suggested that social media has more of a future with fashion than journalism is that one of the journalists with a hard news background has noticed that she has to write about serious topics. When she wanted to write about fashion, she was not taken with regard. Therefore, she had to stay away from fashion in order to get anywhere. However, Academy of Art University has made some changes for her so that she can find an outlet that she can use to write about fashion and related topics.


Richard Dwayne Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions in Austin, Tx. and he has a deep level of experience in comprehensive financial planning. His clients include affluent individuals, small business owners, and families who put his expertise to work in the face of ever-changing markets. The range of credentials that Blair has accumulated is impressive and enables him to provide sound advice about all things financial.

The foundation of Richard Dwayne Blair’s approach to financial planning is the Three Pillars system that he has perfected. It helps him key in on a client’s goals as they navigate different chapters in their life. By giving them powerful tools for many financial situations he helps them achieve a peace of mind as they face the future.

The all-important First Pillar is the fashioning of a financial roadmap which fits in nicely with the client’s goals. He also ascertains their strengths, risk tolerance, and spotlights the best opportunities for growth in their portfolio. This phase helps Blair and the client foster a good working relationship which will last many years.

The equally important Second Pillar is designing a long-term plan for investing. Taking advantage of the compounding principle is something that Richard Dwayne Blair excels in. He teaches his clients how to maximize gains during good market conditions and how to play defense when the market corrects. His active management also takes into consideration the liquidity needs and tolerance for risk of each client.

The Third Pillar is all about implementation and monitoring of the client’s financial goals and portfolio. This involves logical comparisons to model portfolios, historical market data and the client’s expectations.

Wealth Solutions was founded by Blair in 1994 and he’s been gaining experience and expertise ever since. He founded his own company to better provide personalized financial planning to his clients. His professionalism allows his clients to sleep at night knowing they are financially prepared for virtually anything.

One inspiration that has strongly impacted Richard Dwayne Blair is the teachers in his family. He also considers himself to be a teacher of important financial principles concerning building wealth and preparing for retirement.

Malcolm CasSelle is an individual who has managed to create a reputation for himself the digital technology community of excellence. He is both well-known and respected as a man who is capable of leading a team to create companies that reach levels of prominence seldom seen. He has recently capitalized upon the novel technology produced by the cryptocurrency bitcoin. This technology is known as the blockchain. Malcolm CasSelle has used this technology in order to create his own version of the technology that he has called wax tokens.

Malcolm CasSelle has launched his new company known as the worldwide asset exchange in order to facilitate transactions in online gaming communities around the world. There is an incredibly large economy in online video games. People around the world are able to trade things it exchange value between themselves in the virtual world. However, there are several issues that are present in the markets as of right now. Currently, the markets are all based upon centralized technology. This centralized technology brings with it a number of issues that users must confront in order to facilitate transactions. One of the most prominent issues that are common with centralized technology is that users are not always from the same geographic location. This means that they more than likely do not use the same native currency. In order to facilitate transactions between themselves, they must utilize a third-party in order to exchange their currencies for a common source of value.

On the Worldwide Asset Exchange, individuals will be able to use the wax tokens as a common store of value. This will eliminate the issue that geographic fragmentation has imposed upon online gaming communities in the past. Due to the fact that the technology is decentralized, it will be impossible for individuals to counterfeit the currency and create money that is not real. In addition, the very nature of the technology will eliminate or at least significantly reduce the prevalence of fraud on digital markets. As a result, the markets will be able to move away from centralized technology and into a decentralized platform that will power the future of online commerce.


     Bruno Fagali’s Federal court implemented regulations that beer labels will specifically include the types of cereals that manufacturers use when fermenting the products. It is as a result of some brewers using unmalted cereals. Such beers only have barley malt, water, and hops. Examples of such unmalted cereals include oats, soy, rice, sorghum and much more. However, some brewers use a combination of more than one cereal.

Issues like this will no longer be a problem because Juliano Taveira Bernardes who is a Federal Judge at the Court of Judicial Branch of the State of Goias stressed that consumer rights must be upheld. Most specifically when labelling the specific non-malted cereal used on the bottle before selling them in the liquor stores in Brazil. The law represented majorly four brewers and it stated that the brewers should make a point of printing the labels with the unmalted cereals used within 60 days after manufacturing.

Importantly, they should also include the percentage compositions of these cereals. The business owners therefore had to wait for the announcements and sentencing by the federal judge. According the sentence given by the judge, he noted that the Centre for Disease Control, CDC, requires brewers to specify the quality, quantity, and the composition of their products for risk assessment. These products should not pose health hazards to their users according to the CDC act in the Brazilian Constitution.

Additionally, the law that defends beer consumers, Law 8,918/ 1994 states that, the processing of the alcoholic beverage should be from natural raw material which impart its organoleptic characteristics. It also obeys standards and regulations for the beverage. Bruno Fagali is also one of the renowned federal attorneys in Brazil. He has been holding the position of Corporate Integrity Management for about two years now. In his leadership, he organizes Corporate Integrity Program as well as training upcoming lawyers within Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia.

Bruno Fagali has unmatched specialty in Administrative and State Law. Moreover, he also assists clients who approach with cases relating to corruption, public administration control as well training employees on work ethics and much more. Indeed, Bruno Fagali is a major contributor to the Brazilian law firms.

OSI Group has been diversifying its portfolio by acquiring several manufacturing facilities since the summer of 2016. For starters, the company bought off Tyson Food, a manufacturing facility based in Chicago. The Tyson Food sits on 20,000 meters of land and is conveniently located adjacently to OSI Industries’s facility. The acquisition allowed OSI Group to expand its services while Tyson Food had the opportunity to grow its legacy into the next future.

Details of the Acquisition

There has been a growing demand for meat products in Chicago. OSI Industries has identified the market niche and decided to take advantage by bridging the gap between supply and demand. According to the head cheerleader of the department of communications Mr. Kevin Scott, the management was excited to be part of the acquisition as it an opportunity to add workers to its client base as well. The new facility has majorly contributed to the growth of the company. Unfortunately, the company withheld details of the acquisition stating it is against their policy.

Baho Food is acquired

In the same year, OSI Industries acquired Baho Food. This facility engages in the manufacture as well as the distribution of meat-based food products in Germany. From roasted pork products, poultry meatballs, cheeseburgers and hot dogs among others, the company has affiliates that assist in the distribution of these products.

Baho Food Grows OSI’s portfolio

In this acquisition, the financial details were withheld as well. Limitlessly, it is evident that OSI Industries has expanded its operations, client base, and service delivery portfolio over the last years. Moreover, the acquisition of Baho Food gives OSI Group Europe extensive market share plus an added share of the shelf in the industry.

Flagship Europe is Acquired

In the winter of the same year, OSI Group acquired an additional company. Flagship Europe is situated in Colorado. In 2018, the company earned a new name; Creative Foods Europe. Since its inception, the company has provided the market with pies, sauces, mayonnaise, sandwich fillings and dips. The acquisition of this facility assists OSI Industries to expand its portfolio as well.

The OSI Group?

OSI Industries is an international food retailer that often deals with meat-based products. The company has over the past years majored in the acquisition of several manufacturing facilities with the aim of expanding its service portfolio. Until now, OSI has more than 2,000 employees proudly associated with the excellent customer service.

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We may not be able to say everything we want about the characteristics of a fantastic, reliable and robust business leader, but we do have some examples of such leaders. One of the top leaders in the marketing niche that we can cite here as a good model would be Ricardo Tosto. Right now, there’s so much we can read about him, but the most important is the fact that he is the proud proponent of the various efforts of regularizing assets abroad.

The Relationship Between Brazilian Lawyers

There is a complex but dynamic relationship among Brazilian and foreign lawyers today, and it is the strong and firm opinion of Mr. Ricardo Tosto, the founder of Milk, that there would be a lot of fruitful opportunities from this relationship. With the passing of what is called the Repatriation of Assets Abroad Law last January 13, 2016, there will now be a new regulation that can maximize the output between the technical exchanges of lawyers oversees and the Brazilian ones.

As a lawyer, this new partnership can build and enhance the tax issues in the field, and it would be on the level of the most competitive exchange rate on the market. There is a lot of discussion needed for how to go about the income tax issues in the field, and so with the help of Ricardo Tosto, he can better regularize the changes and fluctuations between the current exchange rate sans the income taxes that lawyers have to abide by.

About Ricardo Tosto

We could not start the profile of Ricardo Tosto without first saying that he is considered by some as one of Brazil’s great lawyer and entrepreneurs. He has made his way in making sure that he can compete in the field of law in terms of business litigation. He has made a name for also being the business leader in Sao Paulo, Brazil that has been able to provide the best creative and innovative solutions for his clients. It is also good to know that despite the profitability of his time, he remains devoted to various non-government work that benefits the largest number of people.

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Teachers have the huge decision-making responsibility to ensure that they bring products and learning technology into the classroom that is effective and fun for the students. When it comes to technology there are three main things that teachers are looking for when deciding if the specific technology is worth purchasing or not.

First, teachers want technology that will actually solve the problem that is being encountered. If the product isn’t considered necessary, it will not be brought into the classroom. Second, that the technology has been tested and proven to be effective. Last, that company producing the technology has plan to implement it into the classroom. As teachers bring new technology into their classrooms, they need the companies continued support to ensure that the transition runs seamlessly.

There are only a few companies who have been successful in all three criteria. One such company is called ClassDojo. One reason this company has been so successful is because its co-founder, Sam Chaudhary, was willing to listen to not only teachers, but also the parents and students. The problem that ClassDojo has solved is communication between the parent and teacher.

ClassDojo is a communication platform that easily allows parents and teachers to privately message back and forth through an application downloaded to a computer or other smart device. Other than improving communication with parents, the company has three main goals. First, to create a positive culture that easily allows teachers to encourage their students. Second, ClassDojo gives students a voice by sharing their work on their own portfolios. Third, it allows teachers to share snippets of the day with parents.

In 2011, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, founded the company in San Francisco, California. A team made up of engineers, designers, and educators from around the world work tirelessly to continually improve the application to ensure it is meeting the needs of the teachers, parents, and students.

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Saying that the food industry is competitive would be an understatement. A vast understatement. Competition in the food world is driven by ever-increasing demand in the food industry. Every year the meat industry grows and grows. This growth drives competition making the meat industry one of the most competitive industries on the planet. Companies rise and fall fast in this industry and to stay on top requires a keen mix of patience and aggressiveness. One company is showing the world that it can not only maintain its place on the leaderboards but can topple them given enough time.

OSI Industries isn’t new to the meat processing world. The company had humble beginnings as a small meat shop in Ohio in the early 1900s. The company had it’s first major breakthrough in 1955 when McDonald’s decided that the quality of the company was exceptional and hired them as the first ground beef supplier for the McDonalds corporation. This sprung the small business to life, and over time it developed into a major force int he meat processing industry catering directly to the food service industry.

OSI Industries doesn’t sit on top quietly, across the world they make major plays that shake heads and have people wondering how exactly they were able to accomplish some of the feats that they accomplish. Take acquisitions, for example, OSI has acquired three major players in the food service servicing niche over the past few years.

The first of which is Baho Foods a Dutch company. OSI Industries scooped up Baho Foods in order to strengthen their portfolio and create dynamic relationships with the Netherlands. Baho Foods specializes in deli meats and snacks, but what makes them invaluable is their strong ties to Germany and the Netherlands. Both of these countries consume massive amounts of meat products.

At the same time, OSI Industries was snatching up Flagship Europe — a major supplier of frozen poultries, pies, fillings, and sauces in the UK — and Hynek — a meat producer with strong cultural ties in Germany —. These two acquisitions serve to bolster OSIs ranking in the world and add exclusive valuable products to their inventory. Of course, that’s not all. This acquisition also gives OSI a heads up in several important areas of Europe. Areas which can be hard to break into without prior introduction.

OSI shines as an example of how to maintain your top seat. Wearing the crown is hard work. OSI has no problem committing to this exhausting endeavor.

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     End Citizens United (ECU) is a single issue political action committee. That issue is campaign finance reform. They are named after a 2010 Supreme Court ruling that resulted in the political system becoming awash in anonymous big money putting politicians in office and buying them off. This PAC works to elect politicians who have pledged to vote in a way to reign in this endless spending and restore power to the average people in America rather than one which by and large just works for the benefit of the richest and most powerful.

ECU’s mission is led by President and Executive Director Tiffany Muller. She has been a leader in the area of progressive grassroots efforts for several years. During the 2016 election, the first one in which ECU took part, her leadership led to this PAC raising over $25 million. They were able to elect 15 new politicians who are committed to campaign finance reform. Two of these were new Senators, New Hampshire’s Maggie Hassan and Nevada’s Catherine Cortez-Masto. They are poised for even more success in 2018 for which they expect to raise $35 million or more.

End Citizens United has endorsed many people who are running for office in 2018 in both the US Senate and Congress. Among the latest to receive their endorsement is Hiral Tipirneni. She is a Democrat who is running to represent Arizona’s West Valley congressional seat. Like everyone ECU supports she has committed to getting corporate cash removed from politics. She is in a special election which will end in April and ECU is asking their grassroots members to financially support her. ECU says that they have 5,800 members in her district and around 400,000 overall across the United States.

ECU has also spoken out against those politicians who are beholden to their corporate masters. These politicians accept huge money from special interests, among them Wall Street, oil firms, and drug companies. They call this the Big Money 20 and it includes two Senators, Ted Cruz of Texas and Dean Heller of Nevada. The other 18 politicians on their list all presently serve in Congress, including Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. He has taken in over $8 million in unaccountable money. He also forced through the ACA repeal-and-replace bill which hurt the people he claims to represent while rewarding his mega-doners. Since ECU announced this list three of their targeted politicians have since dropped out.


For more, please read “End Citizens United PAC Wants To Make Its Name A Reality.

Hussain Sajwani is one of the most respected personalities in the field of real estate in the United Arab Emirates. He is the founder of Damac Group, which has delivered more than 44,000 apartment units so far since the time the company was established in the year 2002. The reason behind the rapid growth of Damac Group has been the entrepreneurial mindset and business acumen of Hussain Sajwani, who ensured that he makes the most of the boom in the real estate sector of UAE. At the time he moved back to Dubai from the United States, Hussain Sajwani was already running a successful catering business in the United States. The Al Jazeera Catering Service continues to be operational till date and is also highly successful. The company caters to some of the most prominent businesses in the United States, including the United States Military and the construction firm Bechtel.


Damac Group’s specialty has been developing some of the finest and luxurious real estate properties. The company partners with some of the top international fashion brands from time to time to help build an elegant and urban architecture with modern design influence. Hussain Sajwani is primarily focusing on the growth of Damac Group not only in Dubai and rest of the United Arab Emirates but in different vital commercial hubs across the globe as well. In a very short span of time and due to the success of Damac Group, Hussain Sajwani has become one of the richest persons in UAE as per Forbes with the estimated wealth of more than $3 billion.


Hussain Sajwani is not only well-known in Dubai, but is an internationally recognized businessman. Apart from his real-estate business, he also runs his catering business quite successfully and keeps a watch on its market. Hussain Sajwani has also formed DICO Investment firm as a subsidiary of Damac Group to take care of his equity and real estate investments. Hussain Sajwani is also known internationally for his association with Donald Trump, the President of the United States. As both Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump are in real estate business, they have known each other for a long time, and their companies have even collaborated to develop several projects.


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