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Jim Hunt VTA Publications is a very studious person who enjoys investing and finding out all there is to know about it, while at the same time sharing the secrets he’s discovered with anyone who wants to become an investor. Hunt specifically studies the stock market and has figured out ways to buy good value stocks and sell them at the right time. Hunt decided to sit down with Ideamensch to tell them a little about his background and why he started his investment advisory company on

Hunt said he started his company, VTA Publications because he had previously worked at a large bank in the UK and felt the bank was only interested in making profits instead of helping customers on So he decided to start a company that could show customers how to invest by going around the banks and putting their money in their own hands. Hunt says he finds his days most productive by starting out in the mornings with a workout, making all his major trades and business operations before lunch, and then slowing things down a little in the afternoon and spending time with family in the evening. He believes having this balance is what makes his business successful at Hunt is an avid reader who recommends that people starting out with investing and stock trading should read Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

VTA Publications has been the cornerstone of most of Hunt’s work. This company has put together distance learning packages that cover financial subjects of various kinds including retirement planning guided by the bible, learning how to read stock charts, and executing your trades through little-known strategies. They also have seminars about business and investing where businessmen from around the world come to speak, and they’ve been recorded to DVD.

Jim Hunt also started “Wealth Wave” and “Making Mum a Millionaire” along with the company, and through YouTube videos he has shown the steps to these projects. “Wealth Wave” is about an investment strategy to use when a bear market is about to come, and “Making Mum a Millionaire” is about how you can make ten trades that could make you millions and help you become tax exempt.

The Lip Balm industry has been controlled by a few major players for most of the last decade. It is no secret that companies like Chapstick and Blistex had a hold on the industry. This is not a surprise. Chapstick is owned by the mega giant Pfizer and Blistex is owned by parent company Clorox. With this it would become quite difficult for other companies to break into the business of selling lip balm products. This did not deter the Evolution of Smooth though. Fast Company describes EOS as a company that saw a clear void in the industry, and the leaders behind the EOS lip balm saw a great opportunity to get into this market.

What EOS founders would do to make name stand out is get with companies like Disney and Keds to promote the EOS lip balm products. This is what has driven the demand for these products. When EOS made a special Alice in Wonderland collection of lip balm in connection with Disney this lip balm sold out in a day. Some of this lip balm even showed up on eBay,, and people were buying it for hundreds of dollars after it sold out from other people that were reselling it.

This is something that was a portion of the successful for EOS, but this clearly proved one thing: consumers were interested in what was going on with EOS. They saw things like this connection with Keds and the connection with Disney, and consumers knew that this lip balm was something different. The Evolution of Smooth has made people really look at what is happening in the lip balm industry. It is a company with founders that pushed their way into this environment. They had to find a way to get beyond the competition and pave a new path.


In 1955, Richard Marvin “Dick” DeVos Jr. was born into a family that believed in hard work and entrepreneurship. It began with his father, Rick DeVos, co-founder of Amway. A native of Michigan, DeVos has strong civic ties to the state. In 1990, he won his election for a seat on the Michigan State Board of Education. A short six years later, then-governor John Engler appointed DeVos to the Grand Valley State University Board of Control. In 1993, Devos and his wife, Betsy, were co-chairs of the Education Freedom Fund, which provides private scholarships to families of low income. It seems this was the beginning of the Devos spirit of giving.


DeVos was co-chairman of the “Kids First! Yes!” campaign committee. This committee sponsored an initiative that would amend the Michigan constitution to accept vouchers and tuition tax credits for private K-12 education. The Devoses also created the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation which has given monetary donations to such groups as the American Education Reform Council, Choices for Children and Children First America. They also fund Christian schools in the West Michigan area. But, their greatest money gifts are those that go to charitable contributions. These will add up to nearly $139 million over their lifespans. And because of the sheer amount of their contributions, they have several vocal critics. Thus, the DeVoses are disclosing the truth of their giving.


In 2015, the DeVoses handed out $11.6 million in contributions. It is believed that the DeVos family lifetime giving should be assessed at about 1.33 billion. This amounts to approximately one quarter of the DeVos estimated $5.2 billion fortune. Just over $3 million of these donations were to educational causes. A second award of their foundation was $357,000 toward groups that support education reform. Other foundation donations went to various universities and academies in the state of Michigan, but also donated to Potter’s House in Wyoming and Rehoboth Christian School in New Mexico. Devos says that their donations reflect their main concern of improving education, and not just in their home state.


DeVos critics accuse the family of such extreme charitable giving to create a “smokescreen” to hide their donations to political interests. In 2006, DeVos had a failed run for governor of Michigan. He never put his hat in the ring again. A spokesman for the couple, John Truscott, states that the DeVos report of charitable giving is transparent, and the bulk of the donations given are aimed at giving direct help to the recipients. Although the DeVoses believe in strengthening the institution of education, they also donate to civic and community causes, leadership and development, Health & Human Services and churches.


The Devoses tend to donate without any strings attached. It seems they don’t need to know how the money is spent. However, they earmark donations when the cause is somewhere that they can make a difference. One example of this is their investment in physicians and a researcher in childhood cancers. They feel that this connection has helped raise the survival rate of patients with deadly childhood cancers at the local Helen DeVos’ Children’s Hospital.


These days, the DeVos children are also involved in the foundation. Dick and Betsy said that the fresh perspectives of their children help find places that they could be investing further. Thus, the foundation added the word “family” to its name.



Many women don’t take stock of their hair care products. They may have many different shampoos and conditioners from various brands. However, hair care manufacturers design their products as a comprehensive solution for hair care needs. People who don’t use a particular brand’s entire product line are not getting the value of any given brand.

Wen Hair Care Products Complement Each Other

Wen by Chaz Dean is a very popular hair care line for many women. The product line offers cleansing conditioners, mousses, intensive hair treatments, and a host of other products for women to maintain their hair. The product line is based on years of research that couple products and ingredients together to achieve a holistic solution for any given problem.

Eliminate the Challenges Associated with Finding A Hair Care Routine

With many women, finding the perfect hair care routine is a matter of trial and error. They choose a product and use it until it proves that it doesn’t work with their hair. Ultimately, this process is dangerous. Trying a variety of products can damage a woman’s glory. Without knowing the combination of chemicals working together, women are setting themselves up to have damaged hair.

Fortunately, Wen by Chaz Dean eliminates guesswork when it comes to hair care. Women will no longer have to try hair care products to achieve the ultimate look after they choose Wen. Within the line of hair care products,, Wen offers women solutions that will solve their hair problems.

If you are tired of using a hair care regimen that isn’t giving you the results you need, then you should try Wen by Chaz Dean. By offering you a comprehensive solution to your hair woes, you’ll never have to approach hair care using the trial and error method.

More product information available on theWen website. Follow Wen onTwitter to get your daily dose of proper hair care tips!

For more info, visit the company’s crunchbase page.


Jeffry Schneider is a businessman and an investment banker with many years of experience in the financial sector. Schneider attended the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. He has worked at some of the top financial firms such as Smith Barney, Merrill Lynch, and Alex Brown since he graduated. Jeffry started Axiom Capital Management in 2002 where he stayed for two years. He then founded Paradigm Global Advisors in 2004 and worked there for four years. Schneider founded Ascendant Capital in 2008. It is his most successful company to date.

Ascendant Capital is a boutique investment firm based in Austin, Texas. The company raises funds for alternative investments through innovative financial structuring. The company provides an array of services including sales, operations, and marketing for its clients. Ascendant has raised close to a billion dollars for the several managers under its wing. This is evidence of the faith that investors have in the team. Ascendant has become an international company and offers these options to investors around the world today. The company maintains partnerships with several brokers and more than 200 investment advisors. Ascendant collaborates with all of these parties to choose the best investments and to deliver the best results for their investors.

The firm has become very successful and expects to raise close to fifty million dollars each month. Schneider has stated in the past that alternative investments are an excellent choice for investors who are looking to diversify their portfolio and are looking for low-risk investments. The firm invests in various sectors including technology companies, real estate, and auto dealerships.

His long career in the financial industry helped him to acquire vast knowledge in the alternative investments sector. This is what has made him an exceptional leader. Schneider has been instrumental in developing the company into a mature and global organization. He has grown the company from just two employees to more than thirty since it was started. He has developed an incredible culture at the company which encourages transparency and dialogue. This has been the reason why many of the employees have been satisfied at the enterprise.

Schneider is involved in several outdoor and fitness activities besides work. He has competed in some marathons. Schneider is also a philanthropist and has supported some charities over the years. Charities that he has supported include the Gazelle Foundation, Cherokee Home for Children, and God Loves We Deliver. Schneider is an avid traveler and has traveled to various destinations in Asia, Europe, and South America. He regularly posts on his personal blog. His posts cover topics such as fitness, leadership, and business. Schneider is a role model to many people.


Igor Cornelsen is a retired investment banker, who was one of the pioneers for the strategy of investing for damaged stocks and helping for avoiding damaged companies. This was a careful technique that explore’s with a stock of prices that suffer because of temporary problem’s that a corporation may be having. But the investor must avoid the companies that have been damaged, or under the threat of never recovering. Igor Cornelsen is currently playing with trade aside of Bainbridge Inv Inc, where he serves as one of their proprietors and provided expert financial advice on Tumblr on a day to day basis. Now, he splits his time between his home in South Florida, and his native Brazil, and also pursuing his golf hobby.

Weather an individual is investing with foreign or commodities exchange, they will want to find an expert investment firm that can provide them with opportunities. This is what Igor Cornelsen found with Bainbridge Group Inc. This was his chosen investment firm, for all of the major moves that he had made within the stock market. Igor is a major investment banker, and is someone who is one of the most prominent bankers in Brazil, and also was responsible for helping to manage some of the largest banking institutions throughout the world. That was why he has gone through the Bainbridge Group Inc, was because they are an agency who can be trusted in order to provide insight in investing and expert advice on Twitter. He has also been a consultant, for providing advice, and his career expertise have made long term intelligent investments, this being in a particularly volatile stock market.

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Igor has also given advice when it comes to Brazilian banking, including how the Brazilian banks had weathered the storms in 2015. When it comes to Brazilian banking, Cornelsen made an easy and short profile of a busy investors for briefing before the consideration of Brazilian stocks for portfolios. He also went over the four basics of Brazilian banking, these basics are brazilian banks have ten major players, A fresh face could turn things around, pay attention to China, and the real value of the real.

The Brown Agency will host the first Formula one party this year. This will go a long way in stamping their authority in the fashion industry. Brown Agency is a unique modeling agency whose other gigs include American crime, queen of the south in recurring roles. Brown Agency theatrical divisions feature Wilhelmina to make a strong theatrical division. These events help showcase Brown Agency’s growing range of models. If you are looking to becoming a model, an actor or actress, I am sure at one point or another you may have asked yourself questions like, am I tall enough? Do my measurements meet the required standard? More details can be posted on the company’s Instagram account.

Different agencies look for different measurements for different occasions. Therefore, there is no standard measurement required. However, in most cases, height does matter since clothes look better draped over tall people. While the notion of ‘tall and skinny’ may appear to be the general rule, different modeling gigs pose different requirements.

If you meet the above criteria and want to become a model or a film star, Brown Modeling Agency will help you achieve that goal. The Brown Agency is a modeling and talent management agency that helps lead models down a runway as well as assist them in getting their acting careers underway. Brown Agency provides its clients with exposure to large brands in the world such as Dell, Toyota, Loius Vuitton, L’Oreal, etc.

The Brown Modeling Agency came as a result of an acquisition of Heyman Talent-South by Wilhelmina Austin in 2015. In a report, before the acquisition, the two agencies were the two largest talent management agencies in the Central Texas region. Heyman Talent was a leader in acting talent management in Austin while Wilhelmina Austin was a leader in modeling talent management in Central Texas. The merger leverages the strengths and capabilities of both agencies. It brought rise to Brown Modeling Agency, the only full-service agency in Austin, which provides clients with a broader portfolio of modeling and acting talent.

The agency’s headquarters is in Austin with regional offices in Dallas and Los Angeles. Justin Brown, the founder and former head of Wilhelmina Austin serves as the CEO and President of the Brown Agency. Michael B. Bonnie, the founder and former chief executive officer of Heyman Talent-South, serves in the theatrical division of the Brown Agency.

During the merger, Mr. Brown, the CEO and President of Brown expressed his delight in becoming a full-service agency. He claimed that serving as a full-service agency was an integral part of the growth strategy at Brown Agency and a commitment to serving both the talents and the clients. Mr. Bonnie also expressed his delight at joining the Brown Agency stating that the combined talent provided a good growth opportunity.


Martin Lustgarten is a finance professional who has been renowned for providing excellent investment banking services for many years. He currently operates from the United States but holds citizenship of Venezuela and Austria. Mr. Lustagarten has good investment tactics, and he believes that anyone who would wish to earn significant profits from investing should diversify his or her assets. Capitalizing in different places is beneficial since it assists people to gain whenever there are positive transformations in various localities. His experience in the industry has allowed him to quickly notice changes and make fast action to avoid any loss. The skills that he has acquired in forecasting the future of various markets allow him to serve clients efficiently.

Many business persons and investors across the world view Martin as a role model. His portfolio is made up of many excellent investments since he discovers new market opportunities and utilizes them before they emerge. Mr. Lustagarten’s brilliance and hard work have enabled him to gain high returns from his investments. Any investor who would like to grow significantly should follow tips from him. Accumulation of wealth from investments is highly determined by the diversification of an individual’s investment portfolio. People need to be keen on the moves that they make for them to be prosperous like Martin.

Investment banking is one of the most significant disciplines in the finance sector. It deals with offering guidance in various business transactions in both the private and public sectors. Governments, investors, and enterprises are the main clients of investment banking institutions. The services of the investment bankers are mainly associated with merger and acquisitions, securities transactions, FICC (fixed income instruments, currencies, and commodities), and formations of markets. They assist in planning and controlling significant business deals since they have the skills that are needed in identifying risks that are likely to occur in business. Their services help in saving the clients’ time and resources. Investment banks are considered as intermediaries between investors and companies that sell stocks and bonds. They assist the clients to meet regulatory needs and set prices during transactions to gain maximum profits.


Capital Group, one of the mutual fund giant companies of today recently lost their chairman, James Rothenberg. Rothenberg suffered a fatal heart attack while vacationing with his family on the East Coast in July of 2016. Capital Group has met the challenge and announced Rothenberg’s replacement as Chairman. Timothy Armour has been elected as the new Chairman of Capital Group.

Tim Armour served on Capital Group’s management committee and Capital Research and Management Company. Others who serve on the management committee with Timothy are Rob Lovelace, President of Capital Research and Management Company, and Phil de Toledo, President, Capital Group. A succession plan was established after the passing of Rothenberg. This collaborative management team will ensure the stability of the firm through any unforeseen tragedy or loss of executive personnel. Just another security vision of stability in Capital Group.

Timothy D. Armour is now serving as Chairman, Director, and Principal Executive Officer at Capital Research and Management Company. Armour’s exhibits extensive investment experience at Capital as an Equity Investment Analyst covering global telecommunications worldwide. His investment career began in 1983 when he participated in The Associates Program. Armour holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Middlebury College in the United States. Longevity appears to be one of Tim Armour’s strengths as he marks his 32nd year of investment experience, and all with Capital Group.

The environmental culture at Capital Group is the nurturing and sharing of core values. These core values have been in place since the firm was established. The values of the company and decision-making skills are the foundation of this growing financial investment firm.

Capital Group prides itself in its hiring style. Known for hiring the brightest, committed individuals, with unique professional skills that work together with the firm’s view of the Capital Group’s future. Capital Group employs more than 7,500 associates internationally.

This special investment group personally supports over 2,000 nonprofit through volunteer services and donations. Over the past 10-years, Capital Group has contributed over $240 million dollars to organizations around the globe.

For more than 80 years, Capital Group has provided superior results for long-term investors – signifying, The Capital System is Built to Last. With the addition of Timothy Armour Capital Group‘s chairman, the success of Capital Group is expected to exceed its already long-standing record.

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A current online article that I just read looks at the issue of how patient reviews can really affect a healthcare provider’s online reputation.

These days, an increasingly large number of consumers are making all sorts of purchasing decisions based upon online reviews from other consumers. It only stands to reason that many healthcare consumers would also decide which healthcare provider to utilize based upon patient online reviews. Because of the potential serious nature and high costs that can be involved, lots of people pay close attention to patient reviews.

According to the author of theonlinereputationreviews article, people are generally more apt to post negative reviews than positive reviews online. These people want their views to be heard, and they often expect to receive a response from the party that they are addressing.

It is usually best to address any negative comments with assurances that every effort will be made to review the posts, and attempt to find appropriate solutions to any complaints. By doing so, the receiver of the comments can build credibility, and help to improve their own online reputation.

When positive comments or reviews regarding a medical practice’s services are posted online, it is equally important that they be received with true gratitude.

It is also recommended for medical practices to use other proactive measures when it comes to maintaining a good online presence. One way to do this is to regularly monitor websites where reviews of medical practices are commonly posted.

Another way that a physician may build and/or improve his or her digital image is to simply ask their satisfied patients to write a brief review online of the services they’ve received.

By remaining proactive and consistently monitoring online reviews, today’s medical practice can be aware of its patients’ levels of satisfaction, and can take the steps necessary to keep its online reputation in good regard.


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