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Guilherme Paulus wants everyone who visits to love Brazil, and he hopes to create an experience in the country that is best for the new vacationer. He knows that the people who come to Brazil are hoping for beaches and great food, but there is much more to see. His touring company has created experiences for the people who travel there, and he has grown past his initial expectations. This article shows how Guilherme Paulus is a leader in touring throughout South America.

How Long Has Guilherme Done Touring?

Guilherme Paulus started his touring company decades ago with help from a local politician. His business partner left the company not long after, and he set to making the business much larger and more accommodating of his tour customers. The company gives the most thorough tours of Brazil, and the company has grown to include hotels that Guilherme bought not long ago.

What Are These Hotels Like?

Guilherme Paulus has purchased hotels throughout Brazil that provide the finest stay for the people on his tours. The people who have come to see Guilherme and take his tours often need places to stay in a crowded country, and his hotels cater to people who are taking his specially-designed tours.

The hotels are luxury locations that have been set up around Brazil as stops for his tours. He has been quite strategic about how his company grows, and he plans to find more hotels to accommodate his tours. Visit Guilherme Paulus at Forbes for more info.

The Expanding Tour Industry

The expanding tour industry in Brazil has been bolstered by the World Cup and Olympics, and more people find the company to be accessible because of how these tours are given. Visitors see the villages deep in the jungles, and they often take tours on the Amazon. Guilherme has made Brazil look great, and any vacationer may see parts of the Brazil hat were once not accessible at all.

The tours of Guilherme Paulus have made Brazil a lovely vacation destination, and his hotels make the tour stops easier to explore. His company offers the best image of Brazil for all travelers. Learn more:


Keeping up with an endless to-do list is stress, but there are many formulas to help make sure you stay on top of everything. Upwork, the world’s largest freelancing website draws out 10 ways to stay on top of your to-do list:

  • Capturing tasks to remember on a to-do list is recommended, can be done electronically and crossed off as completed. Mentally storing them is considered counterproductive, distracting and stressful.
  • Preparing your to-do list in advance, like the night before, is productive and recommended, which saves the peak of your morning energy to complete the important tasks of your day.
  • Jotting your tasks in one place is ideal to increase chances of completing it. Utilizing just one to-do list tool keeps them together and every item crossed off helps to keep the others in mind.
  • Utilizing time attributes allows you to properly separate tasks into time slots by determining the necessary amount of time to complete that task, which helps to be realistic and more productive.
  • Defining priorities is helpful because tasks can be completed in order of importance and urgency. Urgency levels determine order of completion and important ones don’t risk tardiness.
  • Continuously re-evaluating lingering tasks help determine their importance and if rescheduling or removal is necessary.
  • Delegation of tasks can be stress free by utilizing an application like ClickUp, which allows delegation of tasks through comments.
  • Zooming in and out is also helpful to breakdown the big tasks into smaller parts or subtasks that are realistic and build momentum to fully complete the final item.
  • Batch process is a productive procedure of combining and completing tasks that are most similar, which can be combined delegated and tagged using the ClickUp tagging feature.
  • Assigning energy levels determines which tasks require different energy levels and you can complete each task according to your energy reserve that matches the task.

Understanding that your to-do list is not just things for you to do, but is a console that houses your productivity and keeps your day moving seamlessly.

If you have watched Matt Badiali’s viral video about freedom checks, there is no doubting the fact that ‘freedom checks’ are a legitimate investment. The basic about freedom checks, is to understand what MLPs are or ‘master limited partnerships’, and how they work?

About Matt Badiali

Badiali is a geologist. In 1992 he received a Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State University in Geological and Earth Sciences/Geosciences. Later In 2000 a Master’s degree in Geology/Earth Sciences from Florida Atlantic University. And finally in 2005, at the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill. Matt Badiali earned his Ph.D. in Sedimentary Geology.

With his specialization, Matt Badiali has been all over the world. Where he was able to gather geological data on mines and oil wells and interview the CEOs.

MLPs or ‘master limited partnerships’

Matt Badiali found MLPs while working on a project for a renowned financial expert, an exclusive group of 568 companies. These companies produce, process, store, and transport oil and gas in the U.S. These are where the freedom checks come from.

These companies distribute freedom checks to their investors, either monthly or quarterly the payments are known as MLPs. Payments from MLPs are valued as ‘return of capital’ and not income, similar to stock dividends. These payments are what Matt Badiali calls freedom checks.

Buying of shares in an MLP is quite easy like buying shares at Google or Apple stock. Upon your choice, your freedom check can be deposited to your brokerage account directly or mailed to you. Circumstanced to sell, you will solely be taxed at the capital gains rate, which is cheaper than the income tax rate. With some of the MLPs trading for as low as $10, anyone can get started today, even with a modest amount of money.

Matt Badiali’s freedom checks do pay out quite well as compared to other conservative investments.

More about Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks

These types of investments were enacted by Congress in 1987 under a statute called 26-F. And yes, Matt Badiali’s 568 companies meet the requirements and are legally entitled to issue freedom checks.

     The Brazilian born Lawyer grew up in this tremendous South American Country, and he is involved in different Legal matters. Bruno is also the founding father of Fagali Advocates whose headquarters are in Sao Paulo.


Bruno attended various, and one notable one was the Catholic University of Pontifical and studied administrative law where he graduated with a bachelor degree. After completing his education, he joined his few fellow university students to form the well-known in Brazil effective Ethics and Compliance of the Law of Brazilian Institute.

Work and Career

In his early career before forming his firm, different law firms employed him as an intern. Fagali is the frontline in fighting for equal treatment for employees at various government levels. Due to his Integrity in legal matters and as an attorney, he has handled issues to do with corruption in varying degrees of managing public funds by different government officials. Bruno has started different systems to ensure that he cleans up different departments receiving government contracts. By the use of his Fagali Advocates, he has helped in educating the importance of social equality and anti-corruption. Bruno is also a manager of a prominent advertising Brazilian firm known as Novas. The organization receives a good number of advertising campaigns from the government on the matters of law enhancement and anti-corruption. Bruno Fagali is also a coordinator of the Brazil Ethics and Business Laws.

Achievement and Reorganization

Due to Bruno Fagali’s high education and skills, he is outstanding in communicating with different people all over the globe. He speaks many languages such as French, Italian, Spanish, and English, which helps him great when representing his clients. He is among the most recognized people in Brazil due to his experience in law and licensed by the Brazil Bar Association. He has also been named and identified in different state functions.

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The work of Randal Nardone has inspired a lot of people to go out and pursue their own dreams. He’s shown exactly what commitment to hard work and innovative thinking can do to increase an individual’s chances in the business world. The sad fact is that most businesses fail but Randal Nardone was able to create something amazing with his partners. Fortress Investment Group has been setting the bar for industry standards since it was first founded in 1998. The co-founders created the group because they had discovered an interest they shared in private equity. The company would go on to do so much more than any of the co-founders originally thought it would.

The story of Randal Nardone is quite interesting. He enrolled at the University of Connecticut to obtain his Bachelor of Arts. He originally thought that he wanted to study Biology and English, but his career would eventually take him towards the route of law. After graduating he decided to enroll in Boston University’s School of Law. He believed that this was going to be the next big staff in his career and he earned his Juris Doctor. He set to work in a law firm shortly after graduating. Thacher Profit and Wood gave him many opportunities that he would use for his business later. The most important lesson he learned while working here was leadership. After diligently working for the firm for many years he earned a partnership position before eventually leaving to start his own company.

Randal Nardone has occupied several positions within Fortress Investment Group. The work that he has done in his position has been exceptional and he has even taken the opportunity to grow his personal wealth outside of the company. Even though he has enjoyed a marginal level of success on his own much of his $1.8 billion fortune is rooted in his dealings with Fortress investment group. For a man that started with nothing, it is inspiring to see the amount of work Randal Nardone put into making something for himself significantly pay off. He is regarded as one of the wealthier individuals in America today. Fortress Three Top Executives Split $44 Million Bonuses In 2015

Founded in 2012 under the partnership of Rebecca Walker and Graeme Holm, Infinity Group Australia is tremendously changing the financial lives of many Australians. Its main goal is to help its client in reducing debts efficiently as well as creating wealth and securing an excellent financial future for all its clients. In an attempt at achieving this goal, Infinity Group Australia having its headquarters in Bella Vista, NSW, provides services including money management, debt reduction, financial coaching, and mortgage broking to mention a few. Since its establishment only six years ago, the firm has been able to achieve a milestone worth applauding.


The most significant achievement of the company revolves around debt reduction and was experienced early this year. Here, Infinity Group Australia managed to help one of their clients (young couple with a growing family) reduce a debt of approximately $96,271. The blow does not fall on the ability of the company to help in overcoming this debt but in the ability of the firm to help the clients reduce this debt in just one year. Sound interesting right? Well, you too can manage all your debts in the shortest time possible if you choose Infinity Group Australia as your financial management firm of choice.


Another achievement of the company since its dawn is its nomination in various awards. In 2017, Infinity Group Australia was in the running to win a prize in Optus My Business Awards. Also, it had been nominated to win an award in the category of customer service experience. Currently, the company is proud of being shortlisted in the prestigious Vow Financial Altitude Awards. Since this is the beginning more is to be anticipated from the company because as young as it is, it has already secured a place in the market and won the hearts of most Australians.


The accomplishments of Infinity Group Australia are primarily attributed to the managing director and its co-founder Graeme Holm. He is the brain behind the firm’s more comfortable and faster debt reduction mechanism and financial coaching through a personal banker. Graeme brilliance cannot be doubted as he ranked among the MPA Top 100 brokers of 2017. Besides, he has been in the business and finance niche for 17 years hence the discovery of the new model since he knew what people suffer from and what other banks have not done that he can do using his firm. Nevertheless, he holds firm in the policy of cooperation because he believes it is through it that the company is making enormous achievements.


Through Infinity Group Australia reviews, the company has managed to impress their clients by helping them register great results. The company is currently one of the greatest in country in helping clients with issues of personal financing. Learn more:

     Brazil’s tourism industry has seen tremendous growth during the past few years. Hotels and tour services abound, and millions of people from abroad are coming into the country to experience its culture and sceneries. One man became a billionaire thanks to the growing tourism industry of the country. Guilherme Paulus is a businessman from Brazil who made a fortune by establishing a tour operator company and a chain of hotels and resorts. He is the founder and the owner of the CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. and the GJP Hotels and Resorts, which were founded in 1972 and 2005, respectively.

As a young man, Guilherme Paulus have always thought about being a successful entrepreneur. Before turning 20 years old, he worked with IBM as an intern, and he learned so much from his experience at the tech company. An opportunity to establish a business came when he was 24 years old, and he had to involve himself in a partnership with a Brazilian politician. Together, the two established the CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A., offering tour services to visitors. His Brazilian politician partner left the company four years after its establishment, and it was up to Guilherme Paulus how he would run it. He made important decisions which have affected how the company works today, but these decisions made the CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. as the largest and the leading tour operator provider in Latin America.

Aside from establishing the CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A., he also founded the GJP Hotels and Resorts to provide a place to stay for tourists which are rising in numbers. He built his resorts and hotels near the airports, making it more accessible to the tourists. As of the present, the GJP Hotels and Resorts have 15 hotels and resorts all throughout the country. The success of his two businesses gained the attention of the Carlyle Group, an international firm specializing in private equities. They purchase 63.6% of the CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A., equivalent to $420 million. Now that he has a partner in managing the business, Guilherme Paulus had more time to make a new move on how his company would flourish. After it was reported that Brazil would be hosting two major sporting events in 2014 and 2016, Guilherme Paulus readied his properties for the expected influx of millions of tourists who would watch the games unfold.

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Randal Alan Nardone or simply Randal Nardone is best known for his role as one of the founders of Fortress Investment Group. He also works as the CEO, and Principal, while functioning as the Director of the company as well.His friends and most of his colleagues call him Randy J.D., but he is most popular for forming Fortress back in 1998. Randal Nardone has been the Chief Executive Officer here since August of 2013, but he earned the “Principal” title way back when the company was still starting.Randal Nardone is the Fortress Credit Corporation’s Principal and is the head of the NCS 1 LLC. Aside from these mentioned companies, he is also both the Chairman and the President of the Springleaf Financial Holdings, LLC. His work does not stop here because he is also the Vice President as well as the Secretary of Newcastle Investment Holdings LLC.His acquired knowledge and experiences earned him a place in the financial industry.

In fact, he is at #557 at the Forbes list of billionaires back in 2007 in which his net worth was approximately $1.8 billion. His fortune is recognized as self-made, and it will continue to grow, especially with the closing of the Softbank deal where the top leaders of the Fortress firm will receive more than $1 billion.His group has agreed that they will invest some of the money from the sale for the improvement of Fortress. Randal Nardone has an eye for investments that can become successful. He studied at the University of Connecticut as well as at the Boston University. He is now a doctor of Jurisprudence.One of his initial jobs was as a lawyer, but he eventually became a money man as he earned most of his early profits through Thacher Proffitt and Wood.

After that, he moved to BlackRock Financial and UBS, but his career skyrocketed when he finally decided to establish Fortress Investment Group, which is an asset manager that started before 2000.Today, Randal Nardone effectively uses his educational background and expertise as he oversees finance problems and legal matters of the company. Recently, Fortress was purchased by a tech giant from Japan, Softbank.With the sale, it led to Mr. Nardone to receive a high payment, while remaining to work in the company. Randal is incredible when it comes to financial matters, and it prompted the Japanese company to keep the Fortress workforce as part of their business plan.

Today there are a lot of success stories that you can use to define the success of your business. If you have a dream to succeed in business one day you can have a look at some of the achievements that have been achieved by some of the famous billionaires of the world. What did they do to achieve this success? How can you shape your life by following their story? Wes Edens is one of the guys who have achieved a lot when it comes to entrepreneurship. He is currently the chairman of Fortress Investment Group and a founder. Wes has achieved great success such as:

Being in Forbes List of Billionaires

One of the most significant achievements by Wes Edens that cannot be overlooked is that he is already on the list of 400 Forbes billionaires in the world. The entrepreneur who is based in New York has $2.5 net worth. His chief work involves the finance industry. He acquired this net worth after successfully selling part of his business that made him generated such amount of cash. The entrepreneur wanted more than just a business, and this became successful when he got proper support to enable him to attain his goals. Today he has achieved his missions because of his hard work and dedication.He was one of the owners of the Lehman Brothers Investment.

Later, he followed his interests of expanding and reaching more people for his services and co-founded a company called Fortress Investment Group with other people who had similar goals such as Briger. It was a challenging undertaking and a test of his skills and career growth, but he was determined to go on and achieve a lot in this business. Wes Edens continued to work hard and finally managed to start a company that is offering services all over the world today.Which is the source of his success? The reason why Wes Edens has succeeded this much is that of his ability to partner with other experts and work together in different areas. Robert Kaufman, Peter Briger, and Michael Novogratz are some of the people who have worked with Wes Edens to create a successful business.

His pay

According to New York Times, Wes took a payment of $54 in a year which contributed to his great success. It is because of the amount of cash that Edens got from Fortress Investment Company where he has a lot of shares. Wes has been able to achieve such success because of his hard work and determination.

Whitney Wolfe Herd has a B.A. in International Relations from Southern Methodist University. She also attended Paris Sorbonne University. She is most well-known for founding the female empowered dating app, Bumble in 2014. However, before she did so, she founded and worked as the Vice President of Marketing for another well-known dating site, Tinder. She is married to restauranteur and oil-and-gas expert, Michael Herd. The two met on a familial ski trip in Aspen in Christmas 2013 and she taught him how to ski. They started to officially date that Valentine’s Day and the proposal came that June. They got married in Positano, Italy at the Villa Tre Ville in 2017.

Ironically, Whitney Wolfe has never liked the idea of being labeled a feminist. After being sued for sexual harrasment with Tinder, she became even more determined to help women put themselves in the driver’s seat for dating. That was when she left and founded Bumble. The number one rule with Bumble is that only women can initiate the conversation. This is Whitney Wolfe’s solution to alleviating the problem of desperate come-on’s and unwanted nude photos. Bumble has a mostly-female executive team, too. The site is now one of the most popular sites in the U.S. and is valued at $1 billion. It currently has an estimated 30 million users.

‘ello London. 👋🇬🇧 @thetimes

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Like with many female entrepreneurs of old, many were initially skeptical that Whitney Wolfe would make it as an entrepreneur. However, she has done so twice. She may not have majorly revolutionized that dating field on the internet but she has made it so much easier for people who are serious about it. She says that when she got the idea for Bumble, she was inspired by the Sadie Hawkins dance tradition in which the girl asked the boy to the dance instead of vice versa. The newer apps, Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz also makes it easy for users to find friends and business connections. With these sort of moves, Bumble may be well on its way to becoming the next social media site.Tinder and Bumble Are Seriously at War
Wolfe made it as Time’s Person of the Year in 2018. Aside from empowering other women, the other reasons were her activism in gun control, cutting ties with Facebook after discovering their questionable privacy methods, and Match Group’s failed attempt at buying Bumble out. Whitney Wolfe is not one to take legal attacks and intimidation sitting down. She makes protecting users’ privacy her top priority.

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