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The Brown Agency will host the first Formula one party this year. This will go a long way in stamping their authority in the fashion industry. Brown Agency is a unique modeling agency whose other gigs include American crime, queen of the south in recurring roles. Brown Agency theatrical divisions feature Wilhelmina to make a strong theatrical division. These events help showcase Brown Agency’s growing range of models. If you are looking to becoming a model, an actor or actress, I am sure at one point or another you may have asked yourself questions like, am I tall enough? Do my measurements meet the required standard? More details can be posted on the company’s Instagram account.

Different agencies look for different measurements for different occasions. Therefore, there is no standard measurement required. However, in most cases, height does matter since clothes look better draped over tall people. While the notion of ‘tall and skinny’ may appear to be the general rule, different modeling gigs pose different requirements.

If you meet the above criteria and want to become a model or a film star, Brown Modeling Agency will help you achieve that goal. The Brown Agency is a modeling and talent management agency that helps lead models down a runway as well as assist them in getting their acting careers underway. Brown Agency provides its clients with exposure to large brands in the world such as Dell, Toyota, Loius Vuitton, L’Oreal, etc.

The Brown Modeling Agency came as a result of an acquisition of Heyman Talent-South by Wilhelmina Austin in 2015. In a report, before the acquisition, the two agencies were the two largest talent management agencies in the Central Texas region. Heyman Talent was a leader in acting talent management in Austin while Wilhelmina Austin was a leader in modeling talent management in Central Texas. The merger leverages the strengths and capabilities of both agencies. It brought rise to Brown Modeling Agency, the only full-service agency in Austin, which provides clients with a broader portfolio of modeling and acting talent.

The agency’s headquarters is in Austin with regional offices in Dallas and Los Angeles. Justin Brown, the founder and former head of Wilhelmina Austin serves as the CEO and President of the Brown Agency. Michael B. Bonnie, the founder and former chief executive officer of Heyman Talent-South, serves in the theatrical division of the Brown Agency.

During the merger, Mr. Brown, the CEO and President of Brown expressed his delight in becoming a full-service agency. He claimed that serving as a full-service agency was an integral part of the growth strategy at Brown Agency and a commitment to serving both the talents and the clients. Mr. Bonnie also expressed his delight at joining the Brown Agency stating that the combined talent provided a good growth opportunity.


Martin Lustgarten is a finance professional who has been renowned for providing excellent investment banking services for many years. He currently operates from the United States but holds citizenship of Venezuela and Austria. Mr. Lustagarten has good investment tactics, and he believes that anyone who would wish to earn significant profits from investing should diversify his or her assets. Capitalizing in different places is beneficial since it assists people to gain whenever there are positive transformations in various localities. His experience in the industry has allowed him to quickly notice changes and make fast action to avoid any loss. The skills that he has acquired in forecasting the future of various markets allow him to serve clients efficiently.

Many business persons and investors across the world view Martin as a role model. His portfolio is made up of many excellent investments since he discovers new market opportunities and utilizes them before they emerge. Mr. Lustagarten’s brilliance and hard work have enabled him to gain high returns from his investments. Any investor who would like to grow significantly should follow tips from him. Accumulation of wealth from investments is highly determined by the diversification of an individual’s investment portfolio. People need to be keen on the moves that they make for them to be prosperous like Martin.

Investment banking is one of the most significant disciplines in the finance sector. It deals with offering guidance in various business transactions in both the private and public sectors. Governments, investors, and enterprises are the main clients of investment banking institutions. The services of the investment bankers are mainly associated with merger and acquisitions, securities transactions, FICC (fixed income instruments, currencies, and commodities), and formations of markets. They assist in planning and controlling significant business deals since they have the skills that are needed in identifying risks that are likely to occur in business. Their services help in saving the clients’ time and resources. Investment banks are considered as intermediaries between investors and companies that sell stocks and bonds. They assist the clients to meet regulatory needs and set prices during transactions to gain maximum profits.


Capital Group, one of the mutual fund giant companies of today recently lost their chairman, James Rothenberg. Rothenberg suffered a fatal heart attack while vacationing with his family on the East Coast in July of 2016. Capital Group has met the challenge and announced Rothenberg’s replacement as Chairman. Timothy Armour has been elected as the new Chairman of Capital Group.

Tim Armour served on Capital Group’s management committee and Capital Research and Management Company. Others who serve on the management committee with Timothy are Rob Lovelace, President of Capital Research and Management Company, and Phil de Toledo, President, Capital Group. A succession plan was established after the passing of Rothenberg. This collaborative management team will ensure the stability of the firm through any unforeseen tragedy or loss of executive personnel. Just another security vision of stability in Capital Group.

Timothy D. Armour is now serving as Chairman, Director, and Principal Executive Officer at Capital Research and Management Company. Armour’s exhibits extensive investment experience at Capital as an Equity Investment Analyst covering global telecommunications worldwide. His investment career began in 1983 when he participated in The Associates Program. Armour holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Middlebury College in the United States. Longevity appears to be one of Tim Armour’s strengths as he marks his 32nd year of investment experience, and all with Capital Group.

The environmental culture at Capital Group is the nurturing and sharing of core values. These core values have been in place since the firm was established. The values of the company and decision-making skills are the foundation of this growing financial investment firm.

Capital Group prides itself in its hiring style. Known for hiring the brightest, committed individuals, with unique professional skills that work together with the firm’s view of the Capital Group’s future. Capital Group employs more than 7,500 associates internationally.

This special investment group personally supports over 2,000 nonprofit through volunteer services and donations. Over the past 10-years, Capital Group has contributed over $240 million dollars to organizations around the globe.

For more than 80 years, Capital Group has provided superior results for long-term investors – signifying, The Capital System is Built to Last. With the addition of Timothy Armour Capital Group‘s chairman, the success of Capital Group is expected to exceed its already long-standing record.

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A current online article that I just read looks at the issue of how patient reviews can really affect a healthcare provider’s online reputation.

These days, an increasingly large number of consumers are making all sorts of purchasing decisions based upon online reviews from other consumers. It only stands to reason that many healthcare consumers would also decide which healthcare provider to utilize based upon patient online reviews. Because of the potential serious nature and high costs that can be involved, lots of people pay close attention to patient reviews.

According to the author of theonlinereputationreviews article, people are generally more apt to post negative reviews than positive reviews online. These people want their views to be heard, and they often expect to receive a response from the party that they are addressing.

It is usually best to address any negative comments with assurances that every effort will be made to review the posts, and attempt to find appropriate solutions to any complaints. By doing so, the receiver of the comments can build credibility, and help to improve their own online reputation.

When positive comments or reviews regarding a medical practice’s services are posted online, it is equally important that they be received with true gratitude.

It is also recommended for medical practices to use other proactive measures when it comes to maintaining a good online presence. One way to do this is to regularly monitor websites where reviews of medical practices are commonly posted.

Another way that a physician may build and/or improve his or her digital image is to simply ask their satisfied patients to write a brief review online of the services they’ve received.

By remaining proactive and consistently monitoring online reviews, today’s medical practice can be aware of its patients’ levels of satisfaction, and can take the steps necessary to keep its online reputation in good regard.


The Capitol Anesthesiology Association is located in Austin, TX and serves the local community and areas beyond. Not only do they serve the community on a regular basis providing excellent care in anesthesia and nursing for many types of surgeries but their outreach extends into the local area for charity work in the community and even globally. How lucky the community is to have them providing their excellence.

The Capitol Anesthesiology Association adheres to the strict quality standards of the Anesthesia Quality Institute. This ensures the practice is able to keep up with the ever changing data reporting and technology advancements. They also proudly keep up with their ideals and practices for patient care models and education. All of the doctors on the team at CAA are board certified or are on their way to being certified by the board. The nurses on the team are also certified in anesthesia.

There are several types of anesthesia provided by CAA, and certain doctors specialize in certain areas. Obstetrics can be administered for women in labour for pain management when it is needed. The pediatric doctors specialize in treating children in surgery. There are also doctors who specialize in cardiology and are highly trained in the process. There are also doctors administering general, local, and regional anesthesia applicable to the majority of surgeries. All of the doctors and their specializations within the practice ensures that there is a breadth and thoroughness throughout the team which lends itself to better care.

Families that have loved ones in correction facilities find it difficult to keep in touch regularly. One may decide to take a trip to the correction facility. However, distance and time constraints has made it difficult for these families. Securus Technologies strives to solve these problems. Securus offers a great communication product and brand. Keeping in touch with friends within correction facilities is now simple and straightforward.


Securus recently released a YouTube video showing an incarcerated father spending time with his little boy via a video chat. The father and son could communicate as if they were in the same room. The video was clear and sound perfect. I was delighted to see the father’s reaction as he saw his son open a present. The video was incredibly touching.


I find that the Christmas and holiday season is a good idea for families to keep in touch. For people in correction facilities, the best way to keep in touch is through a video call. When you start using Securus Services, you will realize that it is an excellent company. It gives you the opportunity to share a happy moment with a loved one.


Securus Technologies is a company based in Dallas, Texas. It allows users to connect with family and loves through a power communication technology. The firm has grown to become one of the largest telecommunication providers. It helps people maintain relationship between friends, family, and inmates. The calling options provided by the company are easy and straightforward. Calls made through the company are made via tablets, PCs or smartphones. Securus has served more than 3,400 users in the law enforcement and public safety industry. The company avails its services to 1.2 million users in North America.


Securus Technologies is highly advanced and developed. Inmates can flexibly keep in touch with family and friends. The video chat option is compatible with multiple devices and is easy to use. I believe that the video visitation technology advanced by Securus will bring joy and excitement. Inmates will find it delightful to share a beautiful time with their loved ones. Securus Technology presents the video visitation technology as a gift for families. The visitation technology is a unique moment that many inmates will cherish.


As technology innovations increase, Securus has promised to provide new communication systems. The company has been highly beneficial for communication in different ways. People can communicate today with different devices. The latest technology has created a unique and personal experience.

Knowing Cotemar Mexico early on in life is a great thing, for the reason that it is a company in South America that has the means to make food, logistics, construction, and transportation services available to the employees whose work at the sea prevent them from staying on the land often.

Company History

In 1979, a conglomerate of people in business created the COTEMAR S.A. de C.V. with the main intention of offering lodging and restaurant facilities that could ease up the life of laborers as they could not access the luxuries that being out of the water could provide. In addition to that, at such an early time the Corporation already possessed several utility vessels that were able to transport humans, equipment, and various supplies that workers might require.

Six years after its foundation, COTEMAR opened up a floating hotel which was complete with the right elements to deliver the highest quality of amenities to their clients. As the business continued to progress, they had to obtain more water vehicles so as to cater to the needs of the people.

A greater form of success came to the company by 1996 as it was the year when COTEMAR started implementing changes to the list of services the offer to cover other parts of the industry. These transformations allowed the Corporation to build different structures on water such as Atlantis, PSSs, and Hibernia, as well as garner bigger and better vessels equipped with cranes and could easily move a wide range of materials from sea to land, or vice versa.


The three ultimate services that COTEMAR can provide comprise of hospitality, logistics and construction services. More than that, they also give immediate assistance to other boats or ships that send distress signals, as well as manage the structures for diverse companies. This company is capable of doing the latter, especially because they have liners too that possess GPS system and a special crew of people who are experts at marine navigation.

How COTEMAR Stays on Top of the Game

Despite a large number of employees working for the Corporation, COTEMAR fares well because each of them understands the core values that the proprietors have created at the beginning. Such ideals enable the workers to function harmoniously in the office or the actual facilities as they motivate one another to give their best to the job and face any difficulty with a positive outlook.



Online reputation management is the process of tracking online references to your brand, establishment, services and personnel to monitor the perception of your business or organization.

There are a few reasons why you need to do this. To start, tracking your company’s pr brand online reputation or trustworthiness allows you to know when there is potentially defamatory situations so you can take appropriate steps to manage them before permanent damage is done to your organization.

Online reputation management is not just about avoiding horrible publicity or remarks; you should have other client service processes in place to make sure your buyers have a method for associating with you when they are not pleased with the service or product they bought.

At the core of online trustworthiness or reputation management is transparency – what impression is your business giving to the entire world, and how the world is reacting to it. It’s not about hiding the adverse, but more about embracing your company’s image and encouraging two-way communication with people. This kind of dialog will improve your reliability and elevate the public’s impression of your brand.

And acting fast counts when it comes to your online good reputation and credibility. Using tracking tools can enhance this process and make it more convenient for you to stay informed.

Positive reviews is one just aspect of building a solid reputation. A company’s business organization strategy should focus on employing SEO and digital publishing strategies so that the company ranks near the top of every web search engine.

To get started, check with a reputation management firm to find out which online popularity tracking tools and applications are the absolute best fit for your enterprise. It may take some time and research to determine the best combination of tools for your needs, so take time to experiment with several tactics until you have discovered the most desired mix.

By signing up with a renowned reputation management team, you will receive quality advice and guidance on how to take control of your reputation online, build your brand image and achieve the success you desire.


Eric Lefkofsky grew up in the business center of Michigan, in the city of Southfield. After high school he attended the University of Michigan, where he graduated with honors in 1991. Lefkofsky ( then continued his education at the University of Michigan Law School and received his Juris Doctor in 1993.

Lefkofsky is now an American entrepreneur and co-founder and CEO of Tempus. Tempus uses Big Data he assist physicians to tailor cancer treatment to patients based on their own genetic profiles. Tempus is partnered with Northwestern University cancer center, and the top genetics researcher from the University of Chicago, Kevin White. White is now the President of Tempus.

Tempus was created out of the need in the health care industry, to provide physicians with tools needed to analyze data. As doctors treat cancer they need to be molecularly aware. Tools were needed to assist them in making decisions in real time clinical settings. Basic infrastructures didn’t exist at most institutions.

The partnership between Tempus and Northwestern’s Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center changes the way physicians can treat cancer patients. Together they can provide advanced genetic patients profiles. Their software will assist doctors in comparing their profiles with other cancer patients that have similar profiles to help determine the best treatment options. They can see the surgeries and drugs that worked or didn’t work with similar patients. Tempus not only will eliminate the trial and error of test drugs on cancer patients but it will also provide information on clinical trials that may be best suited for the patient.

Eric Lefkofsky understood that treatment results can vary from one person to the next. Cancer types and strands can effect a hand full of patients differently and if the same treatment was used, it would only prove effective on some. Not all cancer patients have the time to trial and error to kind the treatment that will work. Tempus will change that, with its ability to create personal medicine with the use of gene-sequencing and data analysis.

The partnership is ideal in the treatment of cancer. The Cancer Center will provide the anonynmized data about the patient profile’s survival rates and treatments used. Tempus will build a large database for physicians to access to gather the information needed to treat their patient.

More for Lefkofsky here:

How does a chiropractor take his love of medicine and turn it into a way to help others seek reputable careers? Let’s take a look into life of Brian Torchin, and see how he did just that.

Brian Torchin, a graduate of the University of Delware, found his love of medicine while earning his degree in science. From the University of Delware, he went on to earn his Bachelor’s degree in Sports Scienece. Ultimately, Torchin received his Chiropratic degree from the New York Chiropratic College.

Since his college days, Brian Torchin has learned the struggles of finding jobs in the healthcare industry. However, this didn’t stop him from becoming a successful chiropractor. Torchin is actively practicing medicine as a chiropractor.

With 34 years in the healthcare industry, Torchin formed Healthcare Recruitmenrt Counselors (HCRC). His passion for building long-term relationships with his clients has made this business a success.

He helps other healthcare professionals find comprehensive solutions to their employment struggles, and does so with a positive outlook on the world of business. Torchin is considered detailed oriented and an experienced professional who plays a significant role in the growth of HCRC.

Torchin is responsible for helping other chiropractors make connections for new jobs, but chiropractors aren’t his only clients. All healthcare professionals seeking reputable employment, have sought guidance from Mr. Torchin.

He has a reputation for being a generous, caring person; whose main interest is helping others achieve job. In seeing the flaws in healthcare industry employment, he set out to design a system that would help other professionals improve their job searches. With this new system he set forth, Torchin has provided new and innovative solutions that will change the industry.

Finding a job can seem a difficult task, but when your have someone who understands your struggles, the journey may not seem as long. Torchin set out to practice medicine, but after seeing the inconsistencies in the industry, he set out to change it.

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