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Highland Capital Management is a Dallas based SEC investment advisor. They are a large and global investment credit manager with 14.9 billion assets under management. They specialize in credit alternatives, like credit hedge funds, loans, and other credit alternatives. Their varied clients include financial institutions, governments, and high net-worth individuals.


While the headquarters is in Dallas, Texas, they maintain offices in Seoul, New York, and Singapore. The Seoul office just launched a 147 million healthcare hedge fund with the backing of South Korea. The major investor for this fund is the South Korea’s National Pension Service. This fund will be Highland Capital’s first private equity with healthcare objectives.


Investors have specific objectives for their returns on this hedge fund. They expect to be able to have co-investment opportunities to fund their own ventures in the US, China and Korea. On the Asian continent, Highland Capital will partner with Stonebridge Capital to co-manage the fund. This hedge fund will mark Highland Capital’s first private equity healthcare oriented fund in Asia. Healthcare is one of Highland Capital’s largest networks and part of their 15 year track record of success. Recently, Highland Capital reports close to 1.5 billion in health care assets under management.


Highland Capital Management currently has 15 billion assets under management. They specialize in credit strategies and have offices globally. Asia seemed like a better market since the US has a few disruptive and negative factors that affect the healthcare industry. Increased access to healthcare in Asia has made the market more favorable.

Eric Pulier is an accomplished author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, public speaker and all around great guy.


He graduated from Teaneck High School in 1984. After graduating high school, he headed off to Harvard University. During his time at Harvard, Pulier studied English Literature, Computer Science and Visual & Environment Studies. He authored the PulierLeg, a weekly column he created for the Harvard Crimson Weekly, and later became Editor of the university’s newspaper. Pulier graduated from Harvard University in 1988 with is Bachelor of Arts Degree.


Pulier’s contributions to the philanthropic community are quite notable. He has donated a great deal of time and resources to several non-profit organizations and relief efforts. He takes a special interest in the technology space. More specifically, using technology to overcome some of the most intractable problems faced by the physically disabled and those suffering from severe economic disadvantages.


One extraordinary example of Pulier’s philanthropic style is The Painted Turtle where Pulier currently serves as Vice President of Cloud Operations. The Painted Turtle is a camp that caters to the needs of children with disabilities. Many children with life threatening disabilities are often deprived of the simple joys of just being a kid. The Painted Turtle aims to fix that. The campsite and activities are completely customized to work with the needs of each camper; giving them them opportunity to just sing, dance, laugh, play and most importantly: enjoy childhood.


Similarly to The Painted Turtle, Starbright World helps children suffering from chronic illnesses. They have a variety of programs that connect the families they work with to the support services that they need. Pulier donated his time, money and talents to create an entire social network for children and their families to connect and offer support for people going through the same challenges.


These are just a few of the incredible contributions Eric Pulier has made. He really is trying to empower the world, one child at a time.


The world can be a dark and scary place to live filled with countless atrocity’s that if go unchecked can lead to its ultimate destruction. No matter how dark there are still some organizations out there that try and shine some light in that dark scary place. Here are a couple of the civil, human or migrant rights organizations that are out there in the world on the front lines.

amnesty international is a worldwide human rights organization consisting of 7 million plus people. It is funded by private donors and its members so they like to say they are owned by no one person or no one ideology. The group investigates and exposes facts of atrocities and other bad things that governments, people, or organizations inflict on other groups of people, religions, or organizations. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Amnesty international was started in 1961 by a British lawyer Peter Benenson, when he wrote an article about two Portuguese students that raised a toast to freedom. Amnesty international have been on the frontlines of cases for individual’s rights such as Jenni Monet, The Berks Kids, Maxima Acuna and Ilham Tohti just to name a few.

Another wonderful organization is The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund in Arizona. The Frontera Fund was started by Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin two journalist that founded the village voice media. The men were arrested by sheriff Joe Arpaio’s “selective enforcement unit” for writing un favorable articles about the sheriff.

The two men were later released 24 hours later after public outrage, and all the charges dropped. The men then sued the Maricopa county sheriff’s office the ninth circuit court of appeals decided in their favor saying they were unjustly arrested and detained. The appellate court’s decision made it possible for a 3.7-million-dollar settlement to be paid to Lacey and Larkin by Maricopa county in 2013.

Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin’s Frontera fund went on to benefit many different civil rights organizations in Arizona. a few of those organizations are the ACLU, American Immigration Council, Promise Arizona, and Aliento. The organizations that are funded are largely aimed at helping the large Hispanic community in Arizona.

In 2014 as many politicians begin to run I Mike and Jim begin to distribute funds to worthy non- profit groups that advocate for civil rights and causes of Arizona’s Hispanics. The fund is still funding and helping many non-profits today.

After the demonization of anyone with brown skin by Sheriff Joe Arpaio Mike Lacey was quoted saying “I think the people of Arizona are better than this. Of course, Jim and I stand with migrants. We are all migrants”.

These two organizations are just two of many in the world that battle every day to make the world a better place to live and you can help. If you would like to help people like Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin join the local groups in your area, volunteer at shelters or food kitchens or donate to the ones mentioned in the article above. you don’t have to join large organizations or even join an organization at all you alone can make a difference in the world.

There are those groups in America that have too often found themselves being harassed and intimidated in society, and not just on the streets but in places they shouldn’t be, like schools and colleges.


The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) groups have been responsible for bringing some form of harassment and intimidation to campuses for many years and have only increased as time has gone on. Despite the number of Jewish and pro-Israel groups available to try and counter these incidents, the hate has only grown since then. For example, a Jewish student at UCLA found themselves almost barred from joining the student government’s judicial board because of sudden accusations of dual loyalty stemming from her Jewish heritage.


A lack of Jewish and pro-Israel organizations can generally be to blame for the incidents, especially since many students of Jewish heritage are outnumbered on many of these college campuses. As a result, there has been some change made, starting with the founding of a group called Students Supporting Israel (SSI) by pro-Israel students at the University of Minnesota. The group consisted mainly of students who would not stand by as the anti-Israel messages were shown all across campus, and stuck by the plan of creating a grassroots group that would unite both supporters of Israel and other people of all races, colors and religions. Since then, the SSI has chartered more chapters on other campuses nationwide.


Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel but moved with the family from Kiryat Yam and Kiryat Motzkin over his earlier years. Milstein joined the Israeli Defense Force in 1971 and served during the Yom Kippur War. Upon finishing his service he enrolled in the Israeli Institute of Technology and received a Bachelor of Science degree in business and economics. He later went on to earn his Masters in Business Administration from the University of Southern California. From there, he started as a real estate agent in commercial sales. He also is the co-founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, a group that provides services to Jewish people and pro-Israel causes.

     UKV PLC isn’t a brand that should be overlooked by any means, as they’re a company that’s essentially setting a standard that’s becoming difficult for may other wine producers to reach. The innovative stance UKV PLC is maintaining as a vintner that’s constantly seeking new ways to improve their products is what is making the difficult to compare to.

UKV PLC utilizes some of today’s most technologically advanced forms of machinery and equipment to produce the products of wines they place on their shelves. They want to give their customer bases assurance of knowing that they’re certainly not making any mistakes when purchasing the products that they’re offering. The technologically advanced forms of equipment that they utilize to produce the many different wine products are having effects of making the wine products tastier and with the perfect amounts of alcoholic content within them. Be sure to speak with the vintner’s customer service agents, as they possess the knowledge, experience, and training that’s required of them to guide you towards the right path of purchasing a product, or products, that are most accommodating to both your needs and wants.

UKV PLC has been known to place a lot of importance on their tanks’ sanitary processes in which they take time to ensure the interior and exterior surfaces of them are thoroughly cleaned by removing any residue, mildew, or anything else that could be a cause of potential growth of bacteria. If harmful bacteria happens to find itself into the premises of the production tanks prior to making the wine products, it absolutely possible for contamination to occur. That is something that could possibly have effects of making the end-user ill. UKV PLC truly values the health and safety of all of their customers, thus, making them a vintner that is easy to rely on.

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     Traveling Vineyard is quickly becoming popular, thanks to its new concepts in wine tasting. It uses the direct marketing strategy to reach out to its customers from their areas of pleasure and convenient. The company gives excellent wine tasting experiences at guests attending parties and to homes. They use their well-trained consultants who guarantee you top notch queenly experience.

Napa Valley for instance is known for growing a variety of grapes that are supplied globally. Traveling Vineyard has been able to seize opportunities in provision of its services to visitors and tourists who visit the valley. Mark you the valley is rich in landscape, nature and historic sites which provide good scenery. This explains the numerous numbers of visitors calling at the place.

The Napa Art Walk is good for site seeing while the Napa Valley Historical Society- has a collection of past arts and artifacts and local historians who narrate the early days with zeal. The arable Round Pond Estate, which is good for growing olives, herbs, flowers, spices and fruits are also a site to behold. Auberge Spa is good for hiking, biking, yoga classes, art lessons and riding hot air balloons. Last but not the least; the Napa Valley also accommodates the Robert Louis Stevenson State Park with rolling hills and mountains such as Mount St. Helena, tree lines and blue skies

Wine tasting event is held in here by the Traveling Vineyard. The visitors seem to like the general idea of wining in nature. It’s super convenient, fun, flexible and classy too. Along with the opportunities, it has captured in the Napa Valley, Traveling Vineyard is proud to stock and sell quality and prestigious wine brands. There is a lot of enthusiasm among wine lovers on the social media with positive commentary. The company has reported high sales, and there is a growing number of starter wine lovers.


About Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard Company uses its consultant to reach out to customers. They are equipped with over 1000 wine guides. Sale consultants receive 15 % commission on sales along with paid up trips abroad, hosting events and promotions for mega sales. It is relatively easy to work with the company because any wine tasting guarantees you a sale.

Participating in the Traveling Vineyard gives you awesome wine experiences and is also an investment opportunity. Guests are treats with a range of flavors and food pairing. The consultants guide them throughout the process. Partnering with Traveling Vineyard as an investor is a safe investment.

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Compared to most community colleges, one of the things that make Orange Coast College a bit unique is the interest they place in sports, especially the sport of rowing. In fact, OCC has one of the top rowing teams in the nation. Rowing is one of the few sports that remains as an amateur activity and OCC is doing their bit to keep it that way.

The college recently qualified to take part in the Nationals being held in Gainesville, GA on Lake Lanier. What makes this endeavor interesting is that the team is considered to be a novice group of youngsters, captained by Daniel Amado.

Amado is a graduate of Los Alamitos High School and is 22 years of age. While in high school he suffered a serious back injury. However, he bounced back and is back at the helm of his rowing team.

His recovery and sportsman spirit to get back into the action is representative of the OCC rowing teams attitude towards the sport. On May 25, he and the rest of the crew will take the legendary name in rowing to the Nationals. Learn more about Orange Coast College:

Orange Coast College or OCC for short, is a public community college located in Costa Mesa, California. It was established in 1947 as part of War Assets Administration, which was a program to turn military assets and property for civilian use. In OCC’s case, the college was granted a portion of land from the Santa Ana Air Force Base.

Classes commenced in the fall of 1948 and today the college has grown to approximately 25,000 including staff and students. The motto of the college is “We’ll help you get there” and the mascot is Pete the Pirate. The college belongs to the Coast Community College District of California.

Some of the facilities available at Orange Coast College include a 500 seat gym, facility for drama students, a small concert hall, library, and student center. All of these facilities were converted from the military building that existed there before. For those who are interested in architecture, may like to know that most of the re-design and new construction was overlooked by the famous Viennese architect Richard Neutra.

As far as transfer rates are concerned OCC enjoys the third place in the state of California for students transferring to a university. It also ranks 65th in the US for Associate Degree holders graduated. This is an astounding achievement when you consider that there around 5000 community colleges in the US.

He is well known for the reaction videos he makes about various products. His presence in the market has made him outshine a good number of people who are now venturing the segment. His knowledge of the IT market has also been of great help in his career since most of the people who have subscribed to his feeds have learned a lot out of him. This is one of the ways in which one can create a good brand in a given market. Apart from creating different reaction content about various goods he has also been creating a lot of articles about his thoughts as far as technology is concerned.

In his article, he has put a lot of emphasis on the improvement of efficiency in tech. This can be facilitated by facilitating a platform in which different facilities can easily share information without the need of incurring any added cost in the process. Most people now need to go online so as to get the utility or information they need. This is quiet demanding, and thus experts need to come up with a way in which the facilities can access the information too and provide a more habitable space for people to reside. Although it sounds complicated and very demanding for someone to achieve this, the process is now being rolled out in small bits. Most users are now able to synchronize their phones other devices in a wide range of ways. By so doing they have been able to get optimum utility by simply optimizing the service they get from their services by a given time.

Although Jason loves tech so much, he has also been participating in other social activities. He has used his entrepreneurship culture to empower other young people who would like to be like. By promoting their businesses he has been able to reduce the number of unemployed people in the society by a great margin. He has also financed a good number of medical activities being carried out in various parts of this globe. Availability of better medical services will be of great help to the human race.

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Arthur Becker, a shrewd investor in real estate and technology, has continued to enjoy unwavering success in whatever he sets his mind upon. He started out as a business tech, working as the CEO of NaviSite, from February 2003 to the year 2010. NaviSite provided internet technology and application management services to its customers in US and UK before it was sold to Time Warner in 2011. In a report by Curbed, he shifted his focus to the real estate business in 2011 when he started Madison Partners, LLC after closely working with Vera Wang Fashion as a senior advisor. He gained a great deal of exposure in the high-end fashion and design industry during his tenure, and this inspired him design-wise as he ventured into real estate.

Arthur makes his earnings from buying unique properties and later transforming them into beautiful townhouses which he either sells or leases. He has had immediate profit in this venture because he takes the time to understand all the business verticals before investing. During his experience in investment, he carved out a reputation for himself. Hence, when he started his company customers came looking for him. He, however, acknowledges the importance of having a great marketing team and using all platforms in marketing a business idea. He also recommends persuading people to see the business vision as a marketing strategy.

According to The Real Deal, in his real estate ventures, Arthur faces a difficult task in deciding on the design element and pricing of the renovated real estate properties. This is particularly because one has to keep abreast with the market and design trends to make a calculated decision. He attributes his success to his timely venture into the business world, sheer hard work, and focus on his endeavors. He looks forward to putting up his beautifully renovated townhouses for sale or leasing the houses. Arthur is excited about receiving feedback from the ordinary people on the design of his houses. Arthur draws his inspiration from reading books that focus on real estate, magazines featuring designs, and market trends. Arthur advises those considering starting a business to read books on technology and marketing.

Arthur’s Background Check

Arthur Becker attended the business school in Tuck, Dartmouth. In 2012 to 2015, he was the former Chairman of ZINIO the world’s largest digital newsstand. He is the Co-founder of Atlantic Investors, LLC, and is affiliated to ClearBlue Technologies, Inc. Currently; Arthur is the owner of three lucrative adjacent townhouses on Sullivan Street in Soho and is preparing to build a luxurious residential development in Tribeca.

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Eric Lefkofsky is a serial entrepreneur based in Chicago, United States. He is known worldwide for the success and fame he has achieved through his startup, Groupon Inc. Groupon Inc managed to become one of the most innovative start-ups in the recent time and is presently estimated to have the market valuation of over $2 Billion. The company is growing consistently under the strategic guidance provided by Eric Lefkofsky, who continues to serve as the chairman of Groupon Inc.Apart from Groupon, Eric founded several other companies such as Lightbank Investments, InnerWorkings, Echo Global Logistics, and Tempus Inc. Tempus Inc has been in the news lately for all the right reasons.

It is a startup by Eric Lefkofsky in the field of cancer research, and even though he is not a doctor or oncologist himself, he studied and equipped himself with the knowledge about the area to develop a technology that would help the cancer research scholars, oncologists, and physicians today. Tempus Inc collects the clinical, patient outcome, and therapeutic data from over 6,000 medical facilities and hospitals.The data gathered by Tempus Inc also contains the genomic data of the patients. The availability of such data with a click of a button can help the physicians to diagnose cancer patients with the treatment that is designed especially for them. It is seen at times that some cancer drugs work on certain patients, and doesn’t on many others.

However, Tempus Inc would help in reducing such redundancies with the aid of clinical and therapeutic data it would make available to the doctors and oncologists who provide cancer therapies. In the field of cancer research as well, the data provided by Tempus would help in fastening the speed of investigation conducted, and save valuable time and effort of the researchers.As a firm believer in innovation and evolving technology, Eric Lefkofsky has written a book named “Accelerated Disruption” to help provide his inputs based on his years of experience on how the companies should conduct themselves to stay ahead in their respective industries. Eric says that the companies should focus on innovation as well as integrate technology into their business model to not get overwhelmed by competitive counterparts.


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