Month: October 2015

Why Is Advertising In Brazil On The Rise?

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Advertising in Brazil is on the rise because the World Cup and Olympics have taken the country by storm. The country is awash in new businesses, new business ventures and advertising for every event, product and service imaginable. The Olympics is bringing the world to Brazil, and the world expects to have something to consume…

North American Spine Gambles On Vegas

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A recent article appeared in PR Newswire that detailed some interesting news about North American Spine and a new Vegas connection. Dr. Satish Sharma has joined forces with North American Spine. North American Spine is the company that developed the Accurascope Procedure. This is a minimally invasive spine procedure used to treat back pain. This…

Jamie Garcia Dias: Never A Loss For Words

Posted by in Authorship

Fictional author Jamie Garcia Dias was born into a world of creativity. The son a writer-journalist and an architect, Dias was born in 1970 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He grew up with a passion for literature and was a dedicated student and scholar who later studied Letters at the University of Rio de Janeiro….

What Can Kyle Bass Get Involved In Next?

Posted by in Bad Side of Business

It seems like every month there is another issue happening to Kyle Bass. Bass, founder of Hayman Capital Management, has made both headlines and a fortune when he predicted the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis. In 2001, he was nominated for his script of The Sixth Sense. But since then, it has been nothing but bad…


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