What Can Kyle Bass Get Involved In Next?

It seems like every month there is another issue happening to Kyle Bass. Bass, founder of Hayman Capital Management, has made both headlines and a fortune when he predicted the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis. In 2001, he was nominated for his script of The Sixth Sense. But since then, it has been nothing but bad calls and bad publicity for Bass, who still takes every chance he can get to appear on television, offering his unique brand of analysis that seems to only serve his own needs.

Bass has also made an unfortunate ally in Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, from Argentina. While everyone else believes her to be economically illiterate, Bass has defended her and her actions time and again-even when her country went into default on their sovereign debt not just once, but for the second time in just thirteen short years. Bass defended her actions to the point of sounding like one of her minions instead of the U.S hedge-fund manager that he is. According to the BBC, Bass has a very good relationship with her, completely ignoring the way she has ripped off her very own people.

But it gets even worse. New York Judge Thomas Griesa ruled against Argentina, saying that they were responsible for paying back creditors that insisted on receiving the full amount. Bass then jumped again to Kirchner’s side, insisting that the one company, Elliot Management, was “immoral” in the way they were “holding poor countries as hostages” as well as stating they were also keeping close to 42 million people from progress. But for those who truly understand the issue, it is easy to see that it is Kirchner and her gang that has kept poverty levels sky-high in a nation that was once an affluent one.

Unfortunately, as this UsefulStooges link portrays, Bass’s unbelievable relationship with this woman and her crew isn’t the only unethical problems he has shown the world. In a horrendous statement on television, he tried to shift blame from General Motors, who caused fatalities from their non-deploying airbags, as well as faulty power steering, to the deceased victims themselves. Bass states that they had either been drunk when the accidents occurred, or had not been wearing their seatbelts. Bass also has business ties to Chris Kyle and his widow Taya. Taya Kyle is involved in a very nasty lawsuit with a co-worker of Bass’s, who is currently being indicted of unethical behavior.

The amazing con has time and again come up with unethical and frankly disgusting ways to make a quick buck. So what can possibly be up next for Bass?

  1. Welington

    Sources say his two newest projects are oil and Argentina. It will be interesting to see just what more of a mess he can make! I can also order a custom essay writing service and make money from it too.

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