North American Spine Gambles On Vegas

A recent article appeared in PR Newswire that detailed some interesting news about North American Spine and a new Vegas connection. Dr. Satish Sharma has joined forces with North American Spine. North American Spine is the company that developed the Accurascope Procedure. This is a minimally invasive spine procedure used to treat back pain. This advanced procedure that uses laser technology has made it possible for thousands of patients to live a pain free existence. Dr Sharma will treat patients at the Red Rock Surgery Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Dr Sharma
The marketing director at North American Spine recently said that the group is excited about joining forces with Dr. Satish Sharma, and expanding beyond their already numerous clinic locations. Dr. Sharma is a very experienced professional and a very welcomed addition to the North American Spine Group. His background includes Anesthesiology and Pain Management and he is a diplomat of the American Board of Anesthesiology. This background certainly is great preparation to treat patients that are suffering with chronic back pain. The doctor received his education in India and completed his residency at Western Pennsylvania Hospital, in Pittsburgh. Later on Dr. Sharma completed a pain management fellowship at Allegheny General Hospital in Pennsylvania. Certainly, the doctor is a well-rounded, and experienced medical professional.

North American Spine
Fortunately, North American Spine has answered their call, and many favorable Yelp reviews show people are extremely happy with the process. They are the developers of the Accurascope Procedure, which is a minimally invasive spinal procedure that uses laser technology. This new procedure is preferred by those that suffer with pain because it treats the cause of the pain with very advanced visualization tools and lasers. Read More Here.

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