Month: November 2015

Industrial Spaces Will Soon Be Available, Courtesy Of Skyline Distribution Park

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A new warehouse park is planned for construction in a 44-acre plot along Brick Church. This is one of the largest projects in Nashville and costs $1.93milion. The Panattoni Development Co. will construct this project with the space measuring 600,000square feet in three buildings. The contractor is expected to become Davidson’s County first class warehouses…

Eyes around the Globe are watching the Wengie Channel

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The filming and production of videos is no longer strictly confined to Hollywood; people from all over the world are able to post videos, and many even have YouTube channels that are extremely successful. From channels that feature original music artists, to those that show how to make delectable, colorful confectionaries, many of those posting…

Technologies Company, Coriant, Expands its Global Customer Base

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It has clients based in over one hundred companies, making it one of the most globally minded network providers. Not only is it providing services to businesses around the world, but its clients are among some of the most well known and reputable providers, proving that its services are valued and needed. Businessman Shaygan Kheradpir…

The Eucatex Group At Helm of Eco-Friendly Products

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Eco and Sustainable are trendy buzzwords, and instantly recognizable to mean healthier and long-lasting, but do consumers really care? According to a presentation by Flavio Maluf, CEO of the Excuatex Group, consumer wants and needs continue to grow for eco-friendly items. In fact, surveys reveal, nearly 50 percent of consumers polled are more inclined to…


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