The Eucatex Group At Helm of Eco-Friendly Products

Eco and Sustainable are trendy buzzwords, and instantly recognizable to mean healthier and long-lasting, but do consumers really care? According to a presentation by Flavio Maluf, CEO of the Excuatex Group, consumer wants and needs continue to grow for eco-friendly items. In fact, surveys reveal, nearly 50 percent of consumers polled are more inclined to spend a few pennies more for eco-friendly products.

Consumer awareness of sustainable consumption has increased significantly in recent years. 30,000 consumers were surveyed on sustainability purchases. Around 11 percent of respondents remember to look for eco-friendly items when shopping – almost twice as many consumers as three years ago. Surprisingly, consumers commented that even when their initial intent was not to purchase eco-friendly items, reminders like in-store signage impacted their final decision. “Consumers need more information, especially at the point of sale.” says Flavio Maluf.

Today, their website shows how the Maluf family is the face of sustainability in Brazil. Six decades ago, Eucatex, owned by the Maluf’s, pioneered the production of eco-friendly wood by utilizing native Eucalyptus trees. The company became the first to enter the environmentally friendly market.

Rising Through the Ranks

Flavio joined the Eucatex Group in the late 1980’s, something he was just reminiscing about on Twitter. After receiving a mechanical engineering degree from the Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado in São Paulo, Brazil, and a year of studies in Business Administration at New York University, he began working at Eucatex, learning more about industrial trading. After gaining more experience Flavio moved on to an executive position.

Now, one of the best known businessmen in Brazil, Flavio Maluf is a major player in manufacturing raw materials. Inheriting control of the family firm nearly two decades ago revealed Flavio Maluf to be a natural born leader. Eucatex has furthered their strong reputation for its emphasis on innovation, under Maluf’s leadership. When Maluf was appointed president, and chief CEO, he intensified the approach of environmental concerns in product development.

Fast-growing companies tend to outlive the usefulness of their original structure, yet The Eucatex Group has shown exemplary leadership in environmental product development, and their passion garners international respect and extraordinary loyalty.

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