Technologies Company, Coriant, Expands its Global Customer Base

It has clients based in over one hundred companies, making it one of the most globally minded network providers. Not only is it providing services to businesses around the world, but its clients are among some of the most well known and reputable providers, proving that its services are valued and needed.

Businessman Shaygan Kheradpir was recently named Coriant’s new CEO and Chairman of the Board in order to increase the company’s presence when it comes to their solutions focus. Coriant has been working closely with several businessmen in the technology field in order to identify those individuals that can strengthen the company’s position in the global market. Kharadpir has proven that he is an asset when it comes to strategic planning and strategy solutions, and his years of technology driven experience gave him the skills necessary to work in such a competitive environment.

As the new CEO of Coriant, Shaydan Keradpir can be expected to lead the company and its clients into competitive markets, markets that Coriant was already interested in expanding into and building the framework for under its previous president and CEO. Shaygan is sure to be able to realize success on account of the portfolio that he will have at his disposal, the new markets Coriant is looking to, and the technological innovations that they are creating all the time.

Businesses that Coriant services include cloud providers, private and government entities, and financial agencies of all types and sizes. Because the business was formed by well known and established partners, it has been able to deliver the best, state of the art services to the companies that it does work for. Over thirty five years worth of experience is offered to clients and businesses that are in need of the special services that the company can provide.  In all areas of business, Coriant has proven itself to be a leader and innovator.

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