Eyes around the Globe are watching the Wengie Channel

The filming and production of videos is no longer strictly confined to Hollywood; people from all over the world are able to post videos, and many even have YouTube channels that are extremely successful. From channels that feature original music artists, to those that show how to make delectable, colorful confectionaries, many of those posting these videos have obtained quite a following of watchers. Furthermore, many of these entertainers and artists have acquired fame as a result.

Wendy Huang, more commonly known as Wengie, is a prime example of one individual who has gotten incredibly famous with her YouTube channel. This Asian-Australian beauty has become extremely popular since starting her channel back in September of 2010. With roots stemming from China, Wengie has a tendency to focus on trends that appeal to those who are Asian. However, she has watchers from all ethnicities, from all over the globe. Featuring videos with topics such as beauty tips, fashion trends, as well as health and diet advice, her YouTube Channel is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, with over 760,000 subscribers and 250 videos, the Wengie channel has become the single most watched Asian Beauty Channel in Australia.

Wengie is not only popular with her YouTube channel, but also has quite a following on her blog, Twitter and Facebook accounts. Updating her channel and sites at lease once a week, Wengie’s followers will be pleased to go online and access this fashionista’s latest trends and happenings. Her videos are concise enough to quickly pick up tips, yet go step-by-step so that her segments are easily understandable. You can also access her latest info by checking out her blog on She has links imbedded in of her sites, so it’s easy to hop around from one of her site’s to another.

In a recent interview, when asked what the secret is to putting one’s best face forward, Wengie said that the real trick is to look natural, and not to look like you have a ton of make-up on at all.

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    Despite showcasing a myriad of ways to style hair, and apply make-up, Wengie is actually a minimalist when it comes to make-up. It’s no mystery that YouTube has forever changed the world and how we watch videos. There are some ways in which dissertation writers can get through to what is being said.

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