Industrial Spaces Will Soon Be Available, Courtesy Of Skyline Distribution Park

A new warehouse park is planned for construction in a 44-acre plot along Brick Church. This is one of the largest projects in Nashville and costs $1.93milion. The Panattoni Development Co. will construct this project with the space measuring 600,000square feet in three buildings. The contractor is expected to become Davidson’s County first class warehouses and is set for completion in the fall of 2016.

According to the development manager of Panattoni south Eastern region, the completed project will help to reduce the shortfall of warehouses located just within less than four-mile radius in downtown. This project is going to be beneficial as it is accessed easily from the highways.

The land measuring 44 acres was bought by Panattoni from the Oman family. The land is divided into two, 33 acres along the 2011 Southerland Drive and 11 acres in 2811Brick Church Pike.

The project is expected to include three buildings measuring 375,000, 125,000 and 100000 square feet accessible from Interstates 24 and 65. The spaces will be enough for people who need 20,000 to 375,000square feet.

The construction of this A list Skyline Distribution Park warehouses will be undertaken by Alston Construction, who are the chosen contractor by Panattoni. The real estate agent responsible for the leasing of the warehouse will be JLL, headed by a real estate agent called Bo Fulk. The man to handle the leasing assignment is Jimmy Armistead.

The aim of constructing the Skyline Distribution Park is to help in servicing the Nashville and the nearby regions. The warehouse will be visible from Interstate 65 and 24. The tenants will access downtown Nashville I-65, I-24, and I-40 via Briley Parkway. The company has played a significant role in Nashville real property development.

The contractor has also constructed 1.1 million of square foot at Under Amour warehouse building located in mt Juliet. It is also developing the 600,000squarefoot building at CenterPoint Distribution Park.

The rise in the industrial real estate market comes as a result of manufacturing, construction and logistics.

Today, nearly all modern warehouses within four miles of Nashville have been occupied, with the older warehouse finding no tenants.

Scott Lumley

Scott Lumley is a principle member at Resolve Commercial LLC in greater Nashville area and deals in real estate. Lumley is an entrepreneur genius and an inspiration.

Today, Lumley is the president of e-depotnline, an internet site dealing in the sale of electronics. He also takes charge of bidflame that operates as an auction site. He also heads retail stores under the website Large Lots that sells overstock merchandise.

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