Darius Fisher Explains how To Protect Your Online Reputation

Everybody understands how important their Online presence can be in the digital age as this can have an effect on the work we do and the schools we attend. Whether we are applying for a job or looking to continue our education in some way it is always important to remember most employers will, at the very least, complete a simple Google search to check into the history and life of a potential employee. Darius Fisher of Status Labs has been giving some advice on how to avoid the many mistakes people make by ignoring their Online reputation.

Darius Fisher is in a perfect position to provide help for those looking to repair or simply polish their Online presence to make sure it does not have a negative impact on their life. Fisher acts as CEO of Status Labs and plays an important role in the strategy of the company, which now serves over 1,500 clients in 35 countries globally. Fisher believes everybody should take a proactive approach to their Online presence that should include taking control of what is seen when a search is completed for a specific name.

Named to the Innovation 50 list from PRWeek for 2015 backed up the growing presence Darius Fisher and Status Labs are taking up in our everyday lives. Fisher believes each and every individual can benefit from keeping up with their Online reputation, which should include completing a Google search of ones own name without being logged into any Gmail account. The use of Online reputation management is an extension of the public relations work completed by Status Labs, which Darius Fisher believes makes his team one of the best in the Online reputation management industry.

Making sure the business or individual looking to protect their Online reputation has the best options open to them fresh content should always be included on a Website to make sure the content you want people to see is placed as highly as possible in any Google search.

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