A Rundown of Purina’s 2015 National Dog Show

The results are in and the winners of this years Purina National Dog Show have been announced. For the past 14 years around 20 million viewers have tuned in to watch this annual event on Thanksgiving. The Purina National Dog Show was aired on News Center this year and offered viewers a little something extra to be thankful for as many are lucky to consider furry friends members of their families.

This years event was co-hosted by John O’Hurley and David Frei, and included backstage commenters Mary Carillo, Johnny Weir, and Tara Lipinski. The annual event featured seven different group competitions as well as Best in Show which features the top dog of the event.
The Hound Group featured four amazing winners. The top four of the twenty nine competitors were Bloodhound in fourth place, Whippet taking third, American Foxhound in second, and a Scottish Deerhound named Chelsea and handler Angela L. Loyd taking the winning spot.
Thirty dogs competed in the working dog group and the top four included Bullmastiff in fourth, Doberman Pinscher in third, Samoyed taking the second spot, and the winner of the group was a Newfoundland named Winslow and handler Michael Scott.

The group had twenty four competitors, the top four were Yorkshire Terrier in fourth place, Brussels Griffon taking third, Japanese Chin in second, and the winner of the group was a Smooth Coat Chihuahua named Sonnito who was handled by Caroline E. Lanasa.

The terrier group encompasses all feisty and energetic terrier breeds and had a total of 32 competitors. The top four were American Staffordshire in fourth, Smooth Fox Terrier in third, Scottish Terrier taking second, and Charlie the Skye Terrier handled by Larry Cornelius took the winning spot.

A wide array of dogs make up the Non Sporting Group, and the category had a lot of competitors. The top spots of the night went to Lhasa Apso in fourth, Keeshonden in third, Coton de Tulear taking second, and Ruby the French Bulldog, handled by Jodi Longmire, taking the first place spot.

The herding group had a total of twenty six competitors. The top positions went to Braird in third, Australian Shepherd taking second, and a Bearded Collie named Zack, handled by Katie Shepard, winning the group.

The Sporting group had thirty three entrants with top places going to Curly-coated Retriever in fourth, Wirehaired Pointing taking third, Gordon Setter in second and Ascob Cocker Spaniel named Matt, handled by Lisa Arnett, taking the top spot.

The final category, and the most prestigious, is Best in Show. The winners of each group compete against each other in this final round of the competition. This is the first Skye Terrier to ever win the event, but the sixth time a competitor of the Terrier Group has taken the Best in Show title.

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