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Social media can do wonders for your career these days. However, if you have made some mistakes or haven’t been too smart about your usage, it can really hurt your reputation. It’s not uncommon for individuals to access Facebook for many hours and during work hours. This can severely affect your chances of keeping your job as well as getting that job. Employers now-a-days can go on your page after an interview and see your Facebook activity. This can tell them how many hours you generally spend on the site as well as other social media. Create two pages to avoid blurring the lines when it comes to personal and professional. Keep your professional page separate for all of your business contacts and vice versa.

Darius Fisher is the president of Status Labs and offers some great advice. He states that be careful what pictures and posts you comment on or like. Even if your Facebook pages are set to private, whatever you comment or like on others pages is not. Venting about political views is also a bad idea. Not only can you lose friends but you can offend others with your political comments. Status Labs is a boutique international online reputation management firm. They specialize in crisis communications, media relations, online crisis management, social media management, social media marketing, media training, website development, search engine results engineering, SEO and public affairs. The company works with leading brands and high profile individuals that may need help repairing their reputation. This can happen by negative product reviews made online by customers or disgruntled individuals or, something negative that may have happened in the individuals personal life.

The first page of any search engine is your first impression. It’s important in business to be on that first page. Between 80-90% of customers check reviews online prior to deciding on making their purchase. Any negative review on that first page of a search engine can be devastating to your business. Status Labs will help bump up positive articles and feedback about your company using their SEO techniques. Status Labs is headquartered in Austin, Texas with offices in New York and Sao Paulo.

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