Northstar Healthcare is Now Nobilis Health

One of the stars of modern healthcare management has been Northstar Healthcare, which just reported record revenue increases earned in one quarter of last year of $1.5MM. This was for the earnings of 2014’s 3rd fiscal quarter, only. More details are available, such as Interim Consolidated Financial Statements and Management’s Discussion and Analysis (MD&A), through the company’s web site. The company has now been renamed and is now known as Nobilis Health. Nobilis Health will continue the great services of Northstar Healthcare, and will add new ideas and infuse the renewed organization with new management practices. Northstar’s president, Harry Fleming had this to say: “We will remain aggressive in the expansion and enhancement of new and existing marketing programs, pivotal to maximizing profitability and shareholder value in the fourth quarter and into 2015.” Dr. Donald Kramer, CEO of Northstar said, “Northstar continues to see rapid growth and record revenue on insidertrading of $17.2 million in the third quarter. With the acquisition of a majority interest in a hospital and surgery center in the Houston market, the company is growing its operational platform and driving new revenue.” The financial results look very good for Nobilis‘ future in the stock markets. In the area of acute care and ambulatory facilities and services, Nobilis establishes partnerships with doctors in a cooperative ownership and management model. To date, Nobilis has managing interest in 5 surgery centers in Texas and Arizona. Nobilis has an acute care hospital in Houston, Texas, where they own and manage parts of 2 imaging centers and one urgent care center.

  1. JW40

    The most surprising thing is that this Northstar Healthcare continues to see a very big and excellent growth and record revenue on insidertrading of $17.9 million in almost the 3rd quarter. This has led to the increase in professional resume writing in the last decade. This is indeed a course for concern.

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