Majeed Ekbal Raises Money for Nepal Earthquake Victims

Well known real estate investor Majeed Ekbal is helping Nepal earthquake victims via two campaigns, one is a GOFUNDME account and the other is a CrowdRise account. Many people are suffering due to the devastation caused by this huge earthquake and they need all the help that they can get, and if you contribute to these campaigns, you will be aiding people who have lost everything and are in need of even the bare basics like fresh water, clothing, food, and shelter.
Majeed Ekbal says he is doing this because he has many friends in Nepal who were affected by the devastating earthquakes earlier this year.

Ekbal is also known for ventures such as Expresso, Inc., which is a grocery store venture on Lakeview Ave that caters to upscale customers in the Chicago area for their groceries by providing specialty groceries from shops like American Gourmet, Jaqua, LaSalle Streetmarket, Foodworks and other places.

The service Ekal’s store provides will even help customers out by meeting them at their workplace, and putting their grocery order into their car so it will be ready to take home when they get off. In fact, in some cases they even send the customer’s order to them via Fedex and have thousands of items to choose from. Expresso operates in areas such as Lincoln Park, Near North and into the downtown Chicago area.

The CrowdRise account is trying to come up with one million dollars, and any money given via the GOFUNDME account will be placed into the CrowdRise account for earthquake victims. No amount is too small of a donation and all are accepted to help the affected victims, so please give generously. Follow Majeed Ekbal on Twitter for more information.

  1. Adelaide Garrett

    The money for both of these fund raising accounts will help pay for needed medical, food, clothing and other supplies for earthquake victims. It is also intended to make british essay writing service something that will work out for others too.

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