The Mission of Sanjay Shah: Autism Rocks

If any one would have asked 43-year-old retired trader, Sanjay Shah, if he would be so passionate about autism when he was younger; he probably would have said “no”. Back in the 1960’s, Sanjay Shah and his parents moved to London from Kenya where the world became his playground. He started his climb up the ladder to success with Merrill Lynch then ventured out on his own. He started his own brokerage business, Solo Capital, which now has a net worth of $280 million dollars and has offices in both Dubai and London.

His world changed drastically when in 2011, his youngest son, Nihkil, was diagnosed with autism. Sadly, while visiting the Dubai Autism Centre, Sanjay was informed that he son could be on a five year long waiting list for treatment. It was then that Shah realized something needed to be done to raise money for the treatment and research of autism. That is when “Autism Rocks” was born.

Remembering how much fun he had as a DJ while he attended college, Sanjay reached out to Done Events, a government-backed event coordinator based out of Dubai. This business adventure has turned out to be his biggest achievement yet and since his mission to raise awareness for autism started, Shah has been able to bring some of the biggest headliners in the music industry to entertain.

The first event was a jazz inspired musical festival, Blended, which was a huge success. At the Cafe de Paris, comedians Alan Carr and Michael McIntyre took center stage, while Prince played another night for just VIP guests.

Sanjay Shah’s next venture is to release an album for Autism Rocks with numerous artists singing their greatest hits. But Sanjay’s main mission is to bring awareness to the cause that has hit so close to home and heart, autism.

  1. Emmaline Denver

    Elvis Costello and Joss Stone performed in Dubai Media City’s amphitheatre in which Sanjay himself invested over a million dollars. This may not be so easy as has made it look but I think it should pave the way for others to get involved as soon as possible.

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