Greg Hague Is Reshaping The Way Homes Are Being Sold

Forbes Magazine recently published an article online about Greg Hauge and how he hopes to redefine the way homes are sold in the United States. Greg Hauge lives in Scotsdale, Arizona, and he is a known as a successful entrepreneur, lawyer, author, professor of law, and he is the business partner of Harvey Mackay. Harvey Mackay is best known for writing the New York Times best seller “Swim With The Sharks.” Greg Hauge has been in the residential real estate game for 35 years, gives speeches at events nationwide and has built several firms dedicated to real estate. The firm he is perhaps most excited about is Real Estate Mavericks.

He had a lot to say in his interview with Forbes about how homes in the United States are being sold. He noticed the way homes are being sold has been the same for three quarters of a century, and he thinks it would be a great idea if the sale strategies for companies like Amazon and Apple were applied to selling houses. He presented his research to Forbes, which demonstrates sellers are losing up to 8% on the price of their homes because inefficient methods of sale.

Greg Hague is not a fan of the standard home selling process being used. The standard way homes are sold in boils down to sellers just being hopeful. He summarized it very well. Ads are placed in the local papers, a sign goes up on the property, the home will be placed in a database and sellers hope people come along during open house events. He calls the inefficient process “hope marketing.” He hopes to shake up the process by using Real Estate Mavericks.

Real Estate Mavericks is a new project for Greg Hague, and it is one of his favorites as well. It focuses on real estate coaching. The method of coaching is different and perhaps not for everyone, but it is edgy. If the lessons being taught at Real Estate Mavericks are applied correctly, then Greg Hague assures the strategies can set people on the path of financial independence in the real estate market. It advocates breaking the mundane and inefficient way of selling a home, and Greg Hague teaches how to do it in very detailed steps.

He has a program called the 29-Day Fast Sale Plan, and he also has the 22-Step Home Launch Formula, which he outlined for Forbes. He claims these programs will turn things around for people trying to sell residential homes, and he says his programs are the steps needed to change the direction of home selling. The programs at Real Estate Mavericks are designed to initially build anticipation and demand for the home being sold. The first step is built on by heavy marketing at the beginning of the selling process. Greg Hague emphasizes the more time a home sits on the market the quicker the sale dies. His programs are cutting edge, and they are aggressive according to the interview with Forbes. The Real Estate Mavericks website can be visited by clicking here.

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