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Anywhere you go throughout your life there may be situations where you need to have attorney representation. If you are in the New York area, the best attorney for you to turn to for assistance is Ross Abelow. Whether you need individual representation or representation for your business, Mr. Abelow practices in a variety of law fields. He has experience in matrimonial law as well as family law. He has expertise in commercial litigation and entertainment law. He uses his experience and knowledge of the field to represent his clients in the best fashion possible. He has no problem walking into a courtroom and giving the best representation to his clients. He advocates for the rights of his clients and assists them for a successful case.

Mr. Abelow has experience in practicing different areas of the law. He was admitted to the New York Bar Association in 1989. He attended Brooklyn Law School where he obtained his juris doctor. His undergraduate education was completed at the State University of New York at Albany. As a New York native, he knows what it takes to excel in his professional career. Mr. Abelow follows the strict professional and ethical codes that all attorneys are bound by. He holds client-attorney privilege to the highest standard in order to maintain the trust that he builds with his clients. His expertise in the different fields of law helps make him an expert at the court processes and the courtroom proceedings. Throughout the entire process, Mr. Abelow helps his clients get the best representation. He meets with his clients one on one for a consultation to determine what services are needed and then he keeps open communication with his clients to help prepare for any pleadings that may be filed. He also helps his clients learn the courtroom procedures and etiquette. His knowledge of the legal system and his specialized expertise in the field is only driven by his passion to help others navigate the legal system.

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How Ross Abelow Helps Divorcees and Enternainers from Ross Abelow
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