Need A Date Or More Friends? Skout’s The Right App For You

With Valentine’s Day approaching fast, dating apps like Skout are certain to grow in popularity as single people look at their friends, who are happily in relationships, and they wish that they could find a special someone as well. Skout should become even more popular than other dating apps; people who are looking for a new friend to hang out with, a last-minute Valentine’s Day date or a party to join can use Skout’s social network features to find people close by. Currently, Skout is one of the most-used apps; once people download it, they continue to use the addicting social network.

Since Skout is about making new friends, as well as dating, therefore, it is less intimidating than some of the other dating apps. Users can filter the setting on the Skout app to customize their search by gender, age, region and ethnicity to find interesting people. If personalizing a search is too much effort, Skout has Interested?, a game where Skout suggests people nearby, and the user says yes or no. Interested? players may chat or keep playing until there are no more matches. The randomness is part of Skout’s appeal; there isn’t as much pressure and other dating apps, where men and women feel that they have to establish one-on-one communication right away. Many people use Skout to meet online friends in other countries; it’s fun talking to someone abroad. It’s easy for a Skout user to feel connected to someone, even if they have never met in person, however, sometimes sparks fly and one person travels to meet the other person and love blooms.

Skout has many fun features, such as gifts to give friends or potential romantic interests. Users can send a teddy bear or an ice cream cone to a friend or they can send a flirty gift like a heart, kisses or a diamond ring. The app consistently gets great reviews; Skout users say it is easy to use, fun, engaging and addictive. Skout is a free ad-supported app, with options to upgrade. The app never discloses a person’s exact location, only an estimate shows, such as one mile away, which Skout uses to match people who want to chat or meet up with others who are nearby. Skout cares about its users’ safety, the app lets users decide how much personal information they want to disclose. CEO Christian Wikilund says that Skout has about ten million users, so meeting people on Skout is easy, and with 1.5 million new users added each month, everyone who uses the app will find new friends, or perhaps a date for Valentine’s Day, on Skout.


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