Public health And Safety Remains A Top Priority For Sergio Cortes

Understanding the need for the best possible information to keep the public as fit and healthy as possible is something Brazilian doctor Sergio Cortes has placed at the heart of his time as the Secretary of Health for Rio de Janeiro. The medical doctor has spent much of the last few years seeking the best ways of passing on important information, which has included the use of his Twitter and Linkedin accounts along with the need for the media to pass on important information. The need for continued information provided for the public has seen Cortes become one of the most visible medical professionals in South America.

One of the most important aspects  according to Atanews of providing high quality medical information for the public is the need to warn of the dangers being faced in any natural or man made disaster. Cortes has become aware of the many different areas that can be used to get across the different requirements of the office he holds within the state of Rio de Janeiro. During the 2013 flooding in the Xerem region he sought to provide a large amount of information for the public over when and how individual donations could assist the people of the region. Reports from Extra explained that as flood waters had made the municipal water supply dangerous for public consumption Cortes embarked on a campaign to let the public know donations of bottled water were required over the course of the disaster.

Along with the calls for bottled water the people of Xerem were also made aware of their need to treat the water available to them before it would be fit for human consumption. Treatment kits were being made available for the people of the area to make sure medical conditions and disease did not spread through the area from infected water sources. Sergio Cortes was quick to explain on niteroi the many difficulties that could be seen in the area and required the assistance of national government agencies, which came in the form of emergency disaster kits distributed through the disaster hit region. The close relationship Cortes formed with officials within the federal government led to the correct medical supplies and equipment being available at all times as the flood waters subsided.

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