Brian Torchin Produces Amazing Results Via Social Media Referrals

Brian Torchin, founder of HCRC Staffing says there’s been a major shift in recruiting, especially when it comes to social media tools. Social networks are relevant tools in recruitment today, provided you know their characteristics and advantages. According to Glassdoor, a whopping 86% of job seekers use social media sites, yet a meager two to five percent of employers are utilizing social recruiting. Of course for employers, finding candidates via social media is just another task added on, but its just one of the benefits of using HCRC Staffing because of how they target prospects.

“Social media provides instant access to millions of people worldwide, and we can easily target various markets,” says Brian Torchin. Whether chiropractic or other healthcare opportunities, social media can help narrow down the field of candidates. Another important element that should be stressed to job candidates is reviewing employer criteria. This can give you insight into what experience is needed, and where your focus should lay. Yet, social media also has its downside. One in three employers rejects candidates because of information found on social media. Brian outlined in a Digital Journal article the most common reasons cited by employers are:

Photos or inappropriate material (11%)
Contents indicating that the applicant is using alcohol or illicit substances (9%)
Criticism from a previous employer or work colleague (11%)
Low skills level of communication (10%)
Misrepresenting their qualifications (13%)

“With this is mind we stress to candidates to use social media sites responsibly because the information you upload is online forever,” adds Torchin on Twitter. There is no doubt that the internet has revolutionized our job search practices. It can make the search more productive, faster, and create a more precise and comprehensive research.

Besides offering staffing solutions, HCRC Staffing also consults on how companies can increase visibility through social networks. For example, Facebook attracts nearly one billion members, and that’s almost one billion potential job candidates. Many companies are already present on the network via the fan pages, yet they never fully take advantage of this research and marketing tool. Professional networks like LinkedIn are also an excellent recruitment channel and undoubtedly YouTube is the most visited video-sharing platform in the world, yet it’s a misstep when companies don’t take advantage of this potential.

About HCRC Staffing

Brian Torchin has founded one of the largest international healthcare staffing firms, and HCRC is proud to help facilities and companies, of all sizes find the right candidate they need.

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