Five Useful Investing Tips of Forefront Capital CEO Brad Reifler

At the beginning of 2016, there are many concerns around the world, including stock exchange declines, global productivity and currency valuation. In this uncertain environment, it is important to adhere to solid investing strategies. The five useful investing tips of Forefront Capital CEO Brad Reifler can guide you through troubling times.

“In 2008 Housing Prices Collapsed”

After 2008, many investors became a bit worried about their financial portfolios. The media had said that housing markets continued to rise. Unfortunately, when the sub-prime mortgage crisis hit, the unprepared lost a lot of money.

There have been only nine times when the Dow Jones Industrial prices have “fallen from a bear market high by 40%” and October 13, 2008 was one of them. For the regular investor, this collapse was horrible.

“In 2016 Stock Prices Collapsing”

At the bottom of the 2008 sub-prime crisis, experienced investors saw very low prices for some very good stocks. Banking stocks lead gains from 2009 up until 2015 or so. At the beginning of 2016, banking stocks lead the exchanges downward. Many investors are wondering about the best place to earn healthy profits.

The Reuters press release for “Brad Reifler’s 5 Tips for Investing,” lists 1. Planning, 2. Risk Management, 3. Liquidity, 4. Safety and 5. Finding a Good Money Manager as essential. Liquidity can be especially important for “margin calls.” Like a good general, investors should have reserves.

“What are the services offered by Forefront Capital?”

There are numerous investments in the world where an individual can provide capital in return for a good income stream and Brad has talked about tons of them on social media. Hiring a professional money manager allows you to tap into the most lucrative investments while going about your normal life. All people have wealth, but they might not have the skills to manage it properly themselves.

In 1982, indicates that Brad Reifler founded Reifler Trading Corporation, which specialized in global derivatives. In the 1990s, Brad Reifler’s Pali Capital had an annual revenue of more than $200 million with branches in the United States, United Kingdom, Austria, Singapore and Latin America.

Now, as CEO of Forefront Capital, Brad Reifler provides discretionary and non-discretionary wealth management, banking and investment advice to individuals, distributors and institutions. Forefront Capital can create a financial strategy for you to generate income, protect wealth or achieve long-term appreciation of your portfolio.

Investors benefit from Brad Reifler’s global connections and three decades of experience. While the 2016 markets may be quite different than the 2008 markets, you can gain solid profits with the right strategy and money manager in your corner. Find the right fit for good returns in 2016.


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