New Survey Reveals Startling Facts About Online Friendships

On February 3rd, the International Online Friendship Day was celebrated. This day serves as a day to realize how our connections around the world play a function in our daily lives. The newest technology Skout, is an app available globally that help people all over the work expand their social interactions.

In a recent study of 23,000 people found the following trends among online connections and friendly relationships. 76 percent of those surveyed stated they have a number of friends online that they have not met personally. 83 percent would love to meet in person their online friends.

Most of the people surveyed stated they have anywhere from 5 to 10 online friends that they have not met. Out of those 64 percent stated at least one online friend that does not live in the same country. Most have connected through their mobile phones or computers, and over half talk to these friends on a daily basis.

The Earth is constantly changing, and most of these changes are how we communicate whether it’s in the workplace or our daily lives. Research also shows that the same benefits can come from these online connections we have never met as real life friends provide. It provides a social support and feelings of having an alternative person or persons to confide in.

The Skout app creates an environment where people can meet new friends, whether they live in the same town or across the world. Over 16 million Scout customer’s used the popular app to select different destinations across the globe in order to connect with new people from other countries. The scout app is one of the most popular and greatest platforms for finding new friends and expanding a person’s social interactions. The app was created back in 2007 and its main offices are located in San Francisco.

Scouts mission is to bring people together via their mobile device or computer to explore and experience new and exciting adventures without having to travel to another city or country.


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