“Queens Of Drama” Look To Bring Daytime Soaps Back To TV

The “Queens Of Drama” scripted reality TV show has brought a number of famous faces from the world of daytime TV back to the screen as they seek a deal for a newly created show. Well known female soap stars including Crystal Hunt, Lindsay Hartley, and Chrystee Pharris are amongst the well known former soap stars who have gathered together to form their own production company. The “Queens Of Drama” needs a strong character to head up the newly formed production company and found one in the shape of former “Knot’s Landing” star Donna Mills.

Playing a fictionalized version of herself in the show gives Mills the chance to enjoy a return to the small screen as the head of the newly formed production company. The all female production company bases its objectives on the loss of soap operas from daytime TV, and hopes to produce a new soap opera to reflect the modern world we all live in. Over the course of the show the soap opera must be created, written and a pilot filmed to attract bids from major TV network executives who may buy the show.

One of the major attractions for “Queens Of Drama” has been the use of fictionalized versions of the personalities of the members of the production company. Not only does Donna Mills bring in aspects of her soap opera persona, so does former “One Life To Live” star Crystal Hunt famous for her role as Stacy Morasco. Instagram followers will notice that Hunt brings much of her own personality to the role, but also allows aspects of her soap character to appear in scripted scenes within the reality show. The Stacy Morasco character has remained much loved with soap opera fans for the deviousness of her personality.

The real Crystal Hunt has forged a strong career as an actress and producer on many different shows and movies. After her departure from “One Life To Live” the actress saw her character return in ghost form for the final episodes of the show due to fan pressure; despite being so linked to the soap opera genre Crystal Hunt has managed to break free of the confines of daytime TV to appear in movies, such as “Magic Mike: XXL”. Hunt has also acted as an executive producer on her own movie project “Talbot County”.  Crystal Hunt’s acting reel from YouTube is a great indicator of how far she’s come as an artist.

Along with the female stars of the soap opera world who appear on “Queens Of Drama” on a regular basis the show has also sought to include a number of acting legends in various episodes. One of the most anticipated episodes saw the return of “Dynasty” legend Joan Collins return to TV and clash with Donna Mills in a return to their legendary soap opera rivalry.

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