George Soros: The Future Of The European Union

In a recent interview by the New York Book Review, George Soros discussed his views and involvement in the current European Union crisis. In the interview, Soros talked about several world leaders and their involvement in the current crisis in Europe. Soros also discussed a few potential solutions and what the future looks like for the European Union.

The main leader discussed throughout the interview was German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Soros noted on NY Books her change in leadership style, a welcome change according to him. Soros said that while the German people and other citizens of the European Union might be surprised or worried by her the big risk she is taking with the migration crisis or her opposition to President Putin, her impulsive actions needed to be made. Merkel understands that the European Union is close to collapse and that it is very likely because they have turned their backs on the foundation of the union itself, which was about nations coming together to be a part of something bigger. The economic and social problems that the EU is facing is only being made worse by the individual countries becoming more nationalistic rather than becoming more open and together.

Unfortunately, many of the crises are all causing further issues and they are all occurring at the same time. The European Union has to deal with the economic problems of Greece, Russian aggression in Syria and Ukraine, a changing political and economic scenario in Ukraine, The British discussion of their EU exit and the refugee crisis, not to mention the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.

Soros believes that all of these problems can be dealt with and solved. However, they could also go unsolved and create further problems that splinter the European Union and the strides it had made toward creating a more open society that gave equal rights to all, regardless of religion, race, sex or any other potentially segregating factor.

George Soros has been fighting for more open societies and more human rights for the individuals in a variety of countries for several decades now. Soros credits the desire behind this difficult fight to his childhood as a Jew in Nazi-occupied Hungary. When he was 17, Soros fled the then communist Hungary in order to go to the London School of Economics in England. After graduating, Soros immigrated to the United States where he started an international investment fund where he had significant success.

Since 1979, Soros has been concentrated on philanthropy. He started The Open Society Foundations and started out by helping black students to attend college in apartheid South Africa and assisted eastern European dissidents in their fight.


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