Mike Paul Brings His Reputation Skills to a New Company

Status Labs, one of the top reputation management firms in the world, just got a boost to its own reputation. The company can now boast of having access to the services and support of Mike Paul, the “Reputation Doctor”. Paul is being brought into the company’s fold as in an advisory board member capacity. The positive nature of his arrival is going to be huge. Mike Paul is an absolute expert in the areas of reputation management and crisis counseling.

Mike Paul has a strong background in public relations and marketing. He has derived solid reputation management principles from his extensive work in these disciplines. Over the years, he has lent his talents to major corporation and government entities around the world. Only a person with a tremendous amount of expertise is going to be in demand by Fortune 500 companies and world governments.

Mike Paul has been the frequent guest on many television programs. His thoughtful interviews have helped raise awareness about the importance of reputation management to large audiences. Status Labs gains a lot by him joining the team.

A person’s reputation is critical to how others perceive him or her. The same is true of a business. A commercial enterprise with a damaged reputation is going to have an incredibly hard time picking up new customers. With the right approach from skilled reputation management professionals, a lot of the reputation harm inflicted upon a person or business can be minimized.

The right experts have to be selected to handle such a task. Mike Paul, Darius Fisher, and the professionals at Status Labs are such experts. They are more than capable of helping with the right PR approach to fix a tarnished name.

Darius Fisher, the president of Status Labs, has shown great enthusiasm over the arrival of Mike Paul. Fisher feels Paul’s presence will help the rapidly-growing Austin, TX-based firm to grow even more.

Status Labs revenues have increased by over 900% since the company was founded in 2012. Roughly 1,500 client in over 35 countries placed calls for help to Status Labs. With the support of Mike Paul, Status Labs is sure to grow even more.


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