The Choices of a Veterinarian


I own a small non-profit vet clinic in the state of Illinois for all residents considered to be low income. I believe that all animals in the state should be spayed, neutered and be up to date on all of their shots. If I did not help with these things in the community, I guarantee more animals would become sick and the population would be a lot higher than it is now. At my clinic I only use specific brand of foods for my animals. For dogs it is Beneful. I chose Beneful as my main choice because of the price and because it has every nutrient and mineral that a dog needs to get through the day. If a dog doesn’t get the correct amount of these in their diet, it could lower their immune system or cause them to be ill.

The only other brand I have really been interested in is Freshpet. There was just an article out about the brand and the owner, Richard Thompson. In the article they talked about the ingredients in the products and how everything is 100% fresh. This means there is less additives in the food which in return doesn’t put harmful toxins into dogs bodies. Richard is part of the groups of people that are trying to keep up with the latest dog food innovations. Now that everyone is trying to eat healthy with all organic foods, pet owners are seeking the same thing for their family friends. The innovative part about Freshpet besides its fresh ingredients, is the fact that it comes in refrigerator packages. This way the food will stay fresh for even longer.

Even though I would love to make my clinic for innovative by putting Freshpet on my shelf, I am very content with having Beneful up there just for now. Maybe some day I will make the change but not at this moment in time. As I am also an emergency shelter, I have dogs here that have been at the clinic for months so they are very use to receiving their Beneful dry food and treats throughout the day. For the elderly dogs, I usually serve them with the canned soft food to help them avoid any teeth from breaking. Night time is the only time of day the elderly get dry food and when they do I use the Beneful food that is meant for dogs their age and I even put hot water in it to make it softer.


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