Lime Crime: A Top Notch Make-Up Company

Lime Crime is a 21st century cosmetics company that loves empowering people to use make-up as a sphere through which they establish an independent identity as opposed to looking like everyone else. To accomplish this objective, the company’s owner provides customers with a wide range of iconoclastic beauty products that can help consumers break with tradition and avoid a cookie-cutter, generic look. You can learn more about the company by reading the following information:

The Company’s Approach

Lime Crime’s approach to the make-up world is multi-faceted. First, the company’s owner maintains a client-centered methodology which involves first understanding and then responding to the specific needs of each customer. Second, the Lime Crime team remains up to date regarding new trends and technological advancements to ensure that they can bring the very best to the customer. Finally, Lime Crime’s owner and Tumblr operator believes in the power and importance of environmental protection. As such, all of the products offered by the company are cruelty-free and are available on Amazon.

About Lime Crime’s Owner

As the founder of Lime Crime, Doe Deere maintains a deep commitment to helping people develop their own unique aesthetic rather than conforming to whatever beauty or fashion trend becomes prevalent and mainstream. As a child, Deere was passionate about playing in make-up and experimenting with clothing items to ensure that she could cultivate a distinct look for herself. Now, she’s pleased to help other people do the same by offering them an absolutely amazing, cutting edge make-up line. Deere’s commitment to operating in excellence and ingenuity has led to her being named one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs in Self-Made magazine. She hopes to function as a role model for other young women who are interested in pursuing their entrepreneurial vision and values.  Take a look at UrbanOutfitters to see what Lime Crime has available now.


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