Thor Halvorssen Speaks Out on Bernie Sanders

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders has been very outspoken about his support of democratic socialist principles in his current campaign for president. Thor Halvorssen recently granted an interview to Fox News and explained why we should all be extremely cautious about embracing these principles without having the appropriate checks and balances in place to ensure that the government does not gobble up too much power from its citizens. Even though Halvorssen donated money to Sanders’ presidential campaign, he speaks openly about the dangers associated with democratic socialist principles, namely that in the name of the good of the whole, the government (and those at its helm) can essentially steal from its own citizens as it sees fit.

While Halvorssen speaks about the examples of countries where democratic socialism has been a viable alternative to capitalism without completely undermining the basic human rights of its citizens, he also points to Venezuela as an example of everything that can go wrong in the name of socialist principles. This is because socialism is typically accompanied by an authoritarian regime, which repeatedly sends the message to its citizens that only the national government can determine the good of the country and its citizens as a whole. Not only does this infringe on personal liberties, this also allows the government to unnecessarily assert its authority over its citizens and their personal choices. The public’s opinion becomes silenced and obsolete, and the government begins to control the supply of goods and fixes prices to control profits on the sale of mostly everything. Although, at times, the poorer and middle classes may seem desperate to fix what seems like an unwinnable situation, Halvorssen advises that the redistribution of private property by the government is not the ideal way to find a solution. Instead,Thor Halvorssen has faith in the free market to sort out these problems, which he contends allows private citizens to have more control over their own destiny.

Halvorssen is the president and founder of the Human Rights Foundation and has been a strong advocate for individual freedom, civil liberty and democracy for decades now.

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