Gender Equality Comes to Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a revolutionary online encyclopedia. Millions of people visit the various pages published on the site. Wikipedia, even though millions upon millions of entries have been published on the site, still remains a work in progress. Wiki writers and editors from all over the world submit content. The reasons the content is submitted does vary.

For the Interference Archive, an organized “edit-a-thon” has been put together for improving gender equality on Wikipedia. While Wikipedia does not have any anti-women policies in place, the contributors have a strong tendency to skew male. The Interference Archive has brought together a host of feminists to contribute their time, effort, and material.

A number of these feminist Wikipedia editors and/or writers are focusing on enhancing content related to women in the arts. The volume of work they are doing has the potential to reshape Wikipedia, and do so in a positive manner.

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  1. Amirah Reuben

    Good one and we must commend those behind Wikipedia for such great initiative know that it will go a long way in addressing issues that might arise. Also rushessay is there to assist with some useful information on what Wikipedia is doing to improve their contents which I think on a long run will make them a top source of information for the public domain. The gender issue has always been a problem in our society and thank God that people are not welcoming the equality agenda.

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