Recap: Fabletics 2016

 Spring is in the air, and summer is just around the corner. Everybody wants a toned and fit body when bikini season finally rolls around. Often, we procrastinate taking care of our physical bodies. We find excuses and reasons not to go to the gym, whether it’s because your favorite show is on the television, or simply because your gym clothes kind of make you look like a hobo.

Don’t fret ladies, Fabletics has what you need. Created by Kate Hudson, a brand new fitness line of “mix and match” accouterments that bring athletic wear to whole new level. With a passion for fashion, Kate shares all her favorite outfits with us each month!

Look good, and feel good as you prepare for your hot summer bod. No more see-through uncomfortable gym clothes for your trips to the gym, who doesn’t love that? To add to all these wonderful benefits, it also allows you to become a VIP member on The Clothes Maiden, which allows you to gain up to $50 percent off the retail price, amazing!

On regular retail price, athletic outfits from Fabletics has relatively inexpensive. Typically, each outfit typically sells for about twenty-five dollars! Kate’s pick of March 2016 is named Thistle, a fabulous looking set of yoga pants with a simple and comfortable white tank top.

A personal favorite is called Azalea, with beautifully floral patterned yoga pants and an open back tank top which allows a little more airflow during those intense workouts. Many of these outfits fit slimming, fit comfortably, and allow for easy movement.

Fabletics allows you take a quiz to see what fits your personal athletic clothing needs, and has a great variety of many different styles and looks. There is a Fabletic Outfit for everybody! Just go online, take the quiz, browse around, and you will not be disappointed.

It is very important to take care of your body and maintain a fit and balanced lifestyle of proper nutrition and exercise. When you feel more comfortable in both the way your athletic wear feels, and the way it makes you feel when you wear it can definitely affect your athletic performance. They say to dress for success, and when you wear gym clothes that make you feel good, you are more confident which improves your athletic ability and performance.


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