Month: April 2016

Wen: Making Hair Look Better

Posted by in Hair Care Line recently posted an article about a new hair care product on the market. The article was a review of the product and an explanation of how to use it. The reviewer was very impressed with the results of the cleansing conditioner. In the article, she commented on how the first positive thing she noticed…

Oil Barely Falls Despite Failure of Doha Talks Says Martin Lustgarten

Posted by in Banking, Investing

The lack of agreement between 16 oil producing countries to freeze oil prices left many hoping that oil prices would fall. The recent meeting in Doha, Qatar, does not seem to be the case, however, with early trading on April 18 showing West Texas Intermediate for May delivery down 3.3 percent at $39.99 a barrel,…

Kyle Bass: Using Bears to Chase Bears On Wall Street

Posted by in An Inspiring Story

Bear Stearns was, in 2008, one of the five big investment banks. Kyle Bass, operating as a kind of financial assassin, is the individual primarily responsible for knocking them down and initiating an economic domino effect that culminated in a reeling deflationary depression spreading from Wall Street to the rest of the world, and still…

Thor Halvorssen Drawing the line in the sand with Socialism

Posted by in Activists, Human Rights

Recently Fox News sat down and interviewed Thor Halvorssen of the Humans Right Foundation on his view of socialism. Trish Regan kicked off the interview by asking him about why he believed “socialism was a violation of human rights.” Thor Halvorssen quickly clarified his comments, claiming them to be directed at totalitarian regimes. Regan then…

The Amazing Success of iFunding’s CEO William Skelley

Posted by in An Inspiring Story

Real Estate is a fast paced industry where only the very best rise to the top. The Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders is a very exclusive group of real estate investors and developers who have created massive change in the markets. William Skelley recently has become a member of this exclusive group of real…

George Soros And Change in Southern Africa

Posted by in Business Leaders

At first glance, the influence of the American financial hedge fund manager and philanthropist George Soros on politifact in Southern Africa might appear remote. Yet that assumption would not prove accurate. During his career as a contributor to important democratic causes, Mr. Soros has had a significant, and beneficial, impact on the lives of numerous…

Why Did Coriant Need A New CEO Like Shaygan Kheradpir?

Posted by in Business Leaders

They want to stretch all their capabilities as long as they can, and they want to offer a lot of things to customers that are going to be much more willing to buy because they have a lot of retail appeal. There are other people who are going to want to get better telecommunications devices,…

Is Wen By Chaz Dean Really For Everyone?

Posted by in Perfect Hair

We have all seen the Wen Hair QVC infomercials at some point in our lives. As a fashionista myself I have often wondered if my hair could really look like the many women who star in these infomercials. It’s always been interesting to me that Wen By Hair promotes it’s brand as one that works…


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