Is Wen By Chaz Dean Really For Everyone?

We have all seen the Wen Hair QVC infomercials at some point in our lives. As a fashionista myself I have often wondered if my hair could really look like the many women who star in these infomercials. It’s always been interesting to me that Wen By Hair promotes it’s brand as one that works on all types of hair. While it has been interesting and intriguing I never had the nerve to give the products a try myself. Thank God for a beauty blogger who recently gave the product a try for people like me who were afraid to take the leap.

If you are unfamiliar with Wen Hair care here’s a little information for you. It is a 3 in one 1 hair treatment that eliminates the need for purchasing shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment separately. It is famously known because it is allegedly able to work on all types of hair. This beauty blogger decided to give the product a try on her own hair and chronicled it every step of the way to see if the Sephora Fig Version could give her hair moisture, bounce and shine.

While there have been some people who have had terrible side effects from the hair care products but relief has arrived. This beauty blogger reported back that her results were actually positive. She did admit that she was lazy when it came to hair so her results could have been better but she wasn’t dissatisfied and it looks like the WEN hair product worked even on her thin hair.

The blogger’s entire hair journey can be found here:

About Wen Care

WEN Hair is the brain child of hair stylist Chaz Dean. Chaz began his career initially in in photography. While in school he studied commercial photography. After deciding photography wasn’t for him Chaz pursued an alternative dream in the hair care industry.





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