The Amazing Success of iFunding’s CEO William Skelley

Real Estate is a fast paced industry where only the very best rise to the top. The Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders is a very exclusive group of real estate investors and developers who have created massive change in the markets. William Skelley recently has become a member of this exclusive group of real estate investors. This is due to his creation of the real estate crowdfunding platform iFunding. With iFunding, investors can be a part of a multi-million dollar property with only 5,000 dollars. In this crowdfunding style of investing, the more money you add into the project the more return your will see in your investment. Investors investing with iFunding are among the first individuals to profit from returns on the property.

Investment banking was Skelley’s focus before he started up the crowdfunding platform iFunding. Skelley underwrote over 2 billion dollars of real estate transactions with his boutique investment bank. He was able to acquire hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate funding during this time. Skelley has been very successful in his past. He was able to learn a great deal of his information by attending Harvard Business School. Skelley also found success early on by working as a principal at Rose Park Advisors. This hedge fund taught him many valuable lessons in money management and finance. According to Skelley has spent a great deal of time as well with large companies like General Electic and Olympus. Skelley has also been an advisor to several different startups.

The future of iFunding seems to be very bright as more real estate projects are being successfully funded through this platform. Once investors create an account with iFunding, they will be able to choose from several different investment opportunities. These investments can be much lower than traditional investments that range around 50-100,000 dollars. There are many valuable investment tools that will help investors make the most out of their investments. The live webinars are one of the most important parts of the iFunding platform. With these live webinars, individuals will be able to greater understand the process that will help them to become successful within the iFunding platform.  Follow iFunding and William Skelley on Twitter, for updates on this successful platform.


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