Thor Halvorssen Drawing the line in the sand with Socialism

Recently Fox News sat down and interviewed Thor Halvorssen of the Humans Right Foundation on his view of socialism. Trish Regan kicked off the interview by asking him about why he believed “socialism was a violation of human rights.” Thor Halvorssen quickly clarified his comments, claiming them to be directed at totalitarian regimes.

Regan then followed up this by asking Halvorssen to define socialism. However, Regan got a little more than she bargained for with this question. Halvorssen quickly asked which definition she wanted: dictionary, academic, or political. He said some scholars believe Marxism, Socialism, and Communism are the same thing. Other political scientists think Marxism, Socialism, and Communism are separate concepts.

Regan then asked him about his experiences with socialism. It turns out both of Havlorssen’s parents were on the receiving end of the terror of Hugo Chavez’s reign in Venezuela. His mother was shot and killed while Havlorssen’s father was imprisoned for protesting the regime. More recently Havlorssen told Regan his cousin is currently in prison in Venezuela.

These painful life experiences led Havlorssen to denounce totalitarian socialist regimes. However, he no problem in general with socialist policies although he is an enthusiastic proponent of Free Trade. Countries like Norway, Denmark, and other northern European countries have thrived thanks to socialist polices. Havlorssen also recently donated the max amount to Democratic Socialist and Democratic nominee, Bernie Sanders’ campaign. He said although not the biggest fan of Democratic Socialism, he would rather support Sanders then the current party front runners due to their support of totalitarian regimes or commentary they made about minorities.


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