Wen: Making Hair Look Better recently posted an article about a new hair care product on the market. The article was a review of the product and an explanation of how to use it. The reviewer was very impressed with the results of the cleansing conditioner. In the article, she commented on how the first positive thing she noticed was that, while in the shower, she actually felt her hair get thicker. She only left the conditioner on for a few minutes, but as soon as she rinsed it out, she could feel a major difference. The other positive aspect that the reviewer quickly noticed was that she had less hair fall, which most readers has also noticed. She was used to, as many women are, lots of hair coming out as she showered. None came out. The after effect of the conditioner was also positive. The reviewer found that her hair was shinier and thicker than ever before and overall was very impressed with the outcome of the Wen hair product.

The new hair care product that was reviewed was from Dean is a hair stylist from Los Angeles and has a list of clients that would impress anyone. Dean originally came to L.A. to pursue photography. After taking several courses, he started to become interested in cosmetology and decided to pursue that. Chaz Dean worked in an upscale salon for several years. It was here that he slowly worked his way up until he finally bought the establishment. He then moved the salon from Bel Air to Hollywood. It is at this location that Dean developed his line of hair care products that were created to better hydrate the hair. It is also at this salon that Dean created an intimate environment for his vast celebrity clientele. Learn more about WEN Hair:


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