Beneful Has Reformulated It’s Dog Food Line

The hottest trend in pet care is providing your pet with healthy, quality, and familiar ingredients. People regard their pets as family members and want to be sure they are serving them the best high-quality food available. Beneful is a very popular dog food made by PurinaStore. Created in 2001 Beneful has managed to feed over 14 million dogs per year.
Unfortunately, Beneful had come under fire by bloggers who had confused propylene glycol that is found in Beneful with ethylene glycol that is found in antifreeze. Another point that critics voice their opinions on was the presence of mycotoxins. Mycotoxins can also be found in most other pet food, however. A consumer in 2015 sued Nestle Purina in regards to the contents of Beneful. The case is still pending in court as the in regards to the contents of Beneful. The case is still pending in court as the points of the suit, and its allegations continue to change. A third of the class action lawsuit plaintiff have withdrawn from the case. Purina has no intentions of settling the case as scientific tests have not produced that show that Beneful is anything but healthy. There was also a lack of any veterinarian reports.

The Purina refuses to settle they did, however, reformulate their benefit line. Dr. Janet Jackson was part of the research team that was in charge of reformulating Beneful. Dr. Jackson graduated from the University of Illinois with a Ph.D. She was charged with overseeing the reformulation of Beneful. These formulas are going to be unveiled May 9th at a few retailers in the Southwest. All the Beneful dog foods have been reformulated. The real salmon formula will be changed in 2017 to have salmon as its first ingredient. Beneful has removed sugar from their dog food and treats (, and has also agreed to remove propylene glycol. They want to show their customers that they have their pets best interest at heart. They want Wal-Mart consumers to know that they are listening to their suggestions and that they care.


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