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Today’s world is so cluttered with technology that, ironically, it can be hard to effectively socialize. Finding new friends and/or even dates can be a time consuming process due in part to every person you pass on the street being so absorbed into their phone or tablet to take much notice of the world around them. People who do socialize are typically so absorbed into their own tightly woven cliques that making it “in” with any particular person can prove to be a grueling gauntlet of obstacles and the situation is further complicated when trying to get in with a previously established group or clique of friends.

It’s a wonder that anybody socializes much at all in today’s society and luckily at least one-hundred million others have taken note of this predicament and are choosing to do something about it and have become active members of online friend finding communities.

Skout is one of these online friend, chat, flirt and/or date finding services that has taken the next step in development by creating a mobile app with a pleasantly familiar user interface and a feature they refer to as “Shake to Chat” along with many other features such as “Buzz”, a photo stream similar to a Facebook newsfeed but with it’s own unique, advanced structure.

Skout is sure to never become dull and tedious, as it is extremely entertaining and absorbing for all of the right reasons. It has never been so easy to find other like-minded people to become friends with and share interests and in-depth authentic conversations with.

I had enough of reading about other people’s lives at an awkwardly personal depth when I honestly didn’t know them very well at all, that I finally just wanted to make some new close friends to talk to. Skout has made that easier than ever, and based on what I have read and heard from friends, who I found on Skout itself, the dating side of things works just as well and is leaps and bounds ahead of the competitor apps and services available online. Skout is trusted and for good reason. I have become a daily user and it is clearly the next big thing.

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