Why Creating A Wikipedia Entry Is Not As Easy As It Appears


A recent Science Alert article talks what many people see happening to Wikipedia, yet no one talks about it. The Wikipedia community has gone from a place where freely disseminated knowledge was the ideal to a bloated bureaucracy where a few elite determine what entries are created and edited. The article goes on to say the early Wikipedia editors set the tone for the site, exerting a great deal of influence over what is and what isn’t acceptable. This makes it difficult for new editors, who are desperately needed, but who are intimidated by the strict rules set forth by Wikipedia’s editors.

Wikipedia is a collaborative encyclopedia, however, it is also a marketing tool that benefits businesses. If consumers search for your business on Google, what do they see besides your company website? If consumers see your company’s Wikipedia entry, your brand appears stable and reputable. Wikipedia entries are a factual online presence where consumers can learn more about your brand. Properly written, a Wikipedia entry will convince consumers that your business is credible, however it is not easy to compose a Wikipedia entry.

Business owners that want to reap the benefits Wikipedia offers can create the entry themselves or find Wikipedia publishers that specialize in creating business pages, such as Get Your Wiki. They are well versed in how to get on Wikipedia with a page that won’t get flagged for style or content errors. Once you get published on Wikipedia, it should begin appearing near the top of Google’s search results when someone wants more information about your business. If you work internationally, Get Your Wiki can also create Wikipedia page into other languages


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