Coworking Spaces Making a Huge Comeback

via – The Innovative Coworking Spaces of 15th-Century Italy

Coworking spaces that were abundantly popular in the 15th century were not even a figment to take into consideration mere years ago. But, just when we thought that the “time of creativity and collaboration” through shared office spaces was long gone, it surprisingly reemerges and makes a huge comeback.

Yes! Back in the 15th century during the Renaissance period there was a workshop referred in Italian as a “Bottega” which consisted of artists, sculptors, painters, architects, scientists and other creative enthusiasts. This community of diverse individuals openly worked together to innovate new products and services by collaborating their efforts, sharing their ideas, and combining their unique talents.

The Bottegas’ basis of encouraging people to work collaboratively, instead of individually, assisted groups and individuals to communicate with one another, to facilitate the merging of science and art, and helped to bring brilliant ideas to fruition. Thus this way of working together, revolutionized constructive teamwork among very diverse individuals.

Why shared spaces such as the Bottega dwindled out of existence for so long is beyond a mystery as it was a highly successful way to yield such enormous accomplishments and feats in the age of creativity and innovation. It is very sad that in today’s society it is so rare for talents and efforts to be combined to reap such enormous rewards. We tend to stick to our offices, avoid as little communication as possible, and be one with ourselves as the world passes us by.

However, most recently there has been a resurgence of coworking spaces or shared working spaces enlisted by big corporations such as the new Google office located in London, California’s Nextspace, and most recently Workville in New York City.

For instance, Workville NYC is located idyllically close to Times Square, numerous transportation outlets, and Bryant Park. It is a luxury shared office space that features open desks, 3 beautiful outdoor terraces and shared work spaces. Small start-ups or large companies can work collaboratively in different open and very spacious environments to join forces by discussing ideas, communicating and sharing, and taking action to produce outstanding results.

It is large companies such as Workville NYC that are refreshing the concept of shared office spaces once again. They should be considered pioneers, because they have brought back a revolutionary way to combine great talents. It is for certain that if these new shared spaces yield anything close to the Renaissance’s Bottega, we can expect great things to come forth in the future!

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