CEO Darius Fisher Talks Own Reputation Crisis

Status Labs has risen into prominence as one of the premier companies in the world of online reputation management. When a company needs to improve their reputation, attend to a digital crisis, or get ahead of potential issues — they called CEO Darius Fisher and the rest of the crew at Status Labs. It might surprise readers to know that things haven’t always been rosy for the company, however. Before Fisher rose to prominence with the company Status Labs had come through their own reputation problems thanks to a former employee.

If you looked just at Status Labs recent successful record then you would never question just how good the company is doing. However, a glance backward in time will reveal a brief moment where things started to go sideways. It all came to light with a former employee who had caused some trouble, thus catapulting the Status Labs name into some harsh light despite the fact that they had nothing to do with the problem. Status Labs acted quick and with concrete decision making in order to get ahead of the issue and tame it before it became a bigger issue.

The way that Fisher and Status Labs got ahead of their own reputation crisis was simple: they attended to the problems that had unknowingly plagued the company. First off Status Labs had to cement themselves as a part of the local economy. They had to integrate into the public’s perception by showing all of the great things they could do for their home town in Texas: contribute to more charities, become more public, and become more open with the people around them.

Next up Status Labs addressed the way that employees were being handled. Status Labs gave employees stock options, they began catering lunch, and the company even allowed employees with well trained pets to bring them into the office on certain days. Once the company started to address the employee issue, the rest of the problems began to fade away. Now Status Labs is one of the most prominent online reputation management companies in the world and the future is only looking brighter. Follow Darius on Twitter @fisherdarius to keep up with his news and events.


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