Brian Bonar: The CEO of the Future

When it comes to receiving an award, it is always an honor, a privilege, and something to be proud of, no doubt. These types of things aren’t handed out to just anyone. You have to earn it through hard work, dedication, and commitment to your craft.

You have to your pulse on what is happening and what is happening in your line of work. You are ahead of the game, as opposed to playing from behind.

When it comes to Brian Bonar, he has always has his game on point and ready for whatever comes his way. Nothing is too big or too overwhelming for him. He takes it all in stride and does so with a smile on his face.

Right now, he is smiling real big after receiving the Cambridge Who’s Who┬« Executive of the Year in Finance.

This award is only given out to two men and two women each year, so when you get it, you know you have done something right and are on the path in your field. When it comes to Fiance, there is nobody better than Brian Bonar.

Finance is a tricky game, let’s face it. In today’s economy, it can be hard to know what to expect or what is around the corner. However, Brian Boor has always prided himself on staying current and never getting complacent or too content.

The minute you fall down that rabbit hole, you are in serious trouble. He keeps his nose to the grind and is always looking out for the best interests of his employees and his company. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

He has almost thirty years of experience. That is not a typo or a misprint. What this means is he has seen a lot in this time in Finance. He has seen the ups, the downs, and the inbetweens. Because of this, it shows he is committed to his job.

He doesn’t give up when times get hard or become scared and throw in the towel. He knows he has a responsibility and this is something he takes incredibly seriously, each and every day.
He’s the kind of CEO that people truly enjoy working for, as he brings a positive energy, great spirit, and attitude to the job. He believes in hard work and having passion. If you don’t wake up in the morning, excited, passionate, and ready to work, why even bother getting out of bed at all?

You need to love the job, care about it, and it has to mean something to you. In fact, it’s more than a job. It’s a way of life. It has been that way for Brian Bonar for many years now and will be for the foreseeable future, which is bright.

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