Crystal Hunt: Expanding Barriers with Magic Mike XXL

With the featured role as Lauren in the blockbuster movie Magic Mike XXL, Crystal Hunt was one of the few handfuls of female actresses that starred in the movie. Crystal was primarily a daytime soap actress with leading roles on One Life to Live and Guiding Light before transitioning to the big screen with the second installment of Magic Mike.

Crystal Hunt always had a passion for the performing arts, which led her to competing in pageants from the age of 2. She then went on to star in numerous commercials including a commercial spot for the Walt Disney 25th company anniversary. She also notably starred in a commercial with the very popular boy band, NSync. Since her career began, she has earned a daytime Emmy nomination in 2005 for Outstanding Younger Actress in a drama series.

Her Facebook shows that Crystal Hunt has starred in several other movies such as Derby Stallion in 2005 and a movie by Universal Pictures called Sidney White, in 2007. These two roles essentially led her to daytime television 2009 playing the role of Stacy Morasco in One Life to Live. Hunt has done exceptionally well with her dramatic TV roles and showed her continued success by delivering a stellar performance in Magic Mike XXL.

She stars in this movie alongside well-known actresses such as Jada Pinkett-Smith, Andie McDowell, and Elizabeth Banks. So, it comes to no surprise to her fans that she would parlay the noticeable female comradery on set to her current TV show, Queens of Drama.

In conclusion, Crystal Hunt will continue to have great success as a leading female actress. She will continue to break barriers for new female artists and be an inspiration that a simple Florida girl can become a strong female actress and reality star.  Be sure to check her out on Instagram @Crystal_Hunt, and be sure to have a look at her photography portfolio online.


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