Michael Zomber’s Impeccable Love For History

Michael Zomber is a renowned antique collector and a historian who has big dreams of preserving and protecting history. He focuses on antiques that bear a historical significance with the sole interest being swords and antique the Japanese Samurai used back in the day.

Zomber does not do this alone; he works alongside other like-minded collectors and historians to preserve any history the items symbolize. He has unwavering support of NGOs whose focus is to promote peace, for instance, Global Exchange, Amnesty International, Doctors without Borders, and UNICEF. All these efforts are geared towards reconciling historical conflicts across the world.

Zomber’s Love for Art

That’s not all; Zomber is a prominent author and storyteller. He has several writing credits that include thousands of screenplays and historical novels. He together with his wife Andrea is behind the world’s acclaimed documentary film ‘Soul of the Samurai and produced by their film company, Renascent Films LLC and has since received a positive reception in the market.

He is the owner and founder of Samurai Arts, an antic company based in the US whose specialization is handling and managing antique Samurai artifacts. The company has been in operation for more than forty years during which he has collected dozens of beautiful and valuable items.

Films and Endorsements

His efforts have seen him get the opportunity to work with outstanding History Channels in the US, mostly as a historian guest. According to IMDb, Michael has appeared in the series Tales of the Gun, Automatic Pistols, Shotguns Dueling Pistols, Guns of the Orient, Guns of the Famous, and Million Dollar Guns. Michael is recognized not just locally, but internationally as an icon in the antique collection and as a master of history. The Japanese Samurai swords authority has endorsed Michael on many occasions for his efforts in preserving the Japanese history.

Family Life and Philanthropy

Michael was born in Washington, DC where he also went to school. He has a bachelor’s degree with honors in Psychology and English and a Masters in English and Literature. He is married to Andrea, and the couple is blessed with two children: Christopher and Gabriella. They live on the outskirts of Philadelphia.


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