Stephen Murray: A Personality to Be Remembered

We all should spare a few minutes to mourn the untimely and unfortunate death of one, Stephen Murray a brilliant businessman and the former CEO of the hedge fund CCMP Capital.

Stephen Murray was only fifty two when he died, a few months after surrendering his executive duties due to startling health problems.

Despite the death of Stephen Murray, his legacy will forever be in the hearts of everyone. His executive success speak for itself and he has undoubtedly left a mark of inspiration to anyone who intends to be a future generation leader in the financial market.

Additionally, Murray accomplished a lot in his philanthropic activities as he believed in the aspects of an open society.

As reported by Bloomberg, Murray was a man who proved difficult to pin down. After earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Boston College, Murray joined Manufacturers Hannover where he received training as a credit analyst.

After a period of three years with the company, he went to Columbia Business School where he studied Bachelors of Business Administration.

After completion of his program, he was restored at Manufacturers Hannover Equity Corporation, a consolidation of Manufacturers Hannover and one of its privatized branch.

By 1991, Murray had already taken a big step into the financial industry. Chemical Venture Partners and MH Equity merged a few years following the acquisition of Manufacturers Hannover Corporation by Chemical Bank. Chemical Bank then merged with Chase Manhattan, rebranding into the popularly known Chase Capital partners.

Stephen Murray achieved his dream when he was appointed as the head of buyout business at JPMorgan Chase before finally co-establishing CCMP Capital in August 2006. A part from the aforementioned companies, Murray worked in a series of other companies including Legacy Hospital, Pinnacle Foods, Warner Chilcott, Generac Power System and Aramark among others.

People loved Murray for his strong commitment to philanthropy. He was not only a man who was determined to achieve but also one who gave back to the society. He funded a couple of charity organizations including Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Children Council America. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

He supported educational initiatives at Columbia Business School, Boston College and other Christian school in United States. At Boston College, he led the board of trustees.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital will be missed and celebrated in equal measures particularly by his colleagues at CCMP Capital. He was a great leader, entrepreneur and a father to his four children.


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