An Overview of Investment Banking

One of the most well known occupations in the finance industry is investment banking. This is an occupation that entails firms helping companies raise capital. By raising capital many companies will have more resources to use when looking to expand and get profitable. The process with investment banking is quite simple yet requires certain tasks to be done in order to complete a deal. There will be an instance where a company is losing money and is in need of financial assistance to prevent bankruptcy. With the assistance from investment banking firms this company will be able to merge with another company in the same industry that is very successful. The investment banking firm will help the two companies come together and be part of the same company. Therefore investment banking is one of the more critical fields in the entire economy.

In investment banking there are a number of key participants that help make deals happen. First there are analysts who are often in the corporate finance department. These professionals analyze trends in the economy and put together information that their superiors use to make proposals to potential clients. This information is usually in the form of stock market trends for businesses in a particular industry. There are also the Associates who participate in meeting with clients as well as reviewing work done by the analysts. The higher level professionals are the Vice presidents who meet with clients and pitch proposals and the Managing Directors who run the entire firm.

One investment banker that is quite established is Martin Lustgarten. He is an investment expert based in Florida. Martin works with a number of clients which include companies and individuals. When working with clients, Martin helps give them advice on how to raise capital and seek other companies to get funding. For many years Martin has helped a number of these companies succeed and get the most out of their resources.

As well as helping companies raise capital, Martin uses his expertise to help individuals make better investment decisions. Over the course of his career he has provided advice to individuals on how to make sound investments in stocks and other financial securities. One of his main specialties is retirement planning. Since retirement is often a goal for many people, Martin helps give them the guidance they need in order to reach this goal. As a result Martin Lustgarten uses his expertise in finance to help both companies and individuals more easily attain their financial goals.


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