Securus Technologies Just Wants to Keep GTL Honest

I have had many friends and family members who have been incarcerated over the years. This means that I have used many different telecommunication providers that cater to inmate communication needs. I never for one minute would have thought that these companies might have been fraudulently charging me by adding additional time to my calls or even double charging me for calls. I thought this way until just recently when I came across a report released by Securus Technologies outlining how they have found Global Tel Link to be guilty of several different unlawful acts. In this report, Securus Technologies outlines some of the unauthorized and unlawful acts that they have found GTL to be guilty of that ultimately have cost taxpayers in Louisiana over 1.2 million dollars so far. These unlawful acts included things such as adding additional time to calls as well as double charging for calls. After reading this report I was curious and had to learn more about Securus Technologies. What I found was that Securus Technologies has been around since 1986 and is also a provider of telecommunication services to inmates. I also learned that Securus Technologies holds an A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. In order to obtain this BBB accreditation, there are many things that a business must achieve. Things such as establishing and maintaining a positive track record in their market, adhering to the highest standards of advertising, operating their business with transparency and honoring promises amongst others. This list of requirements to receive the BBB accreditation leads me to believe that Securus Technologies truly is just trying to shame Global Tel Link into changing their ways which is what needs to be done. To learn more about Securus Technologies check out their website here.


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