The Career Accomplishments of Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is an established business person who hails from Michigan. DeVos has served as Chief Executive Officer in numerous business companies. His career started when he was a child where he participated in his family’s businesses such as Amway. He assisted in carrying simple operations in their company. He holds a Bachelors degree in business administration. From his early business foundation, DeVos rose in leadership ranks to hold management roles at Amway, Orlando Magic, Alligator, and Windquest group. He carried out his duties diligently to move the companies a step ahead.

Career History

His career began in 1974 when he started working in Amway. He held positions such as business development, sales and marketing, and financial administration. Following his outstanding performance in the positions he held, he was promoted to be vice president of Amway. His post was responsible for operations across eighteen countries outside North America. At this period, the company was able to enter new markets and achieve an outstanding growth in annual returns.

DeVos left Amway to serve as the president and CEO of Orlando Magic basketball team. His management in the team was commended by Larry Guest who described him as an amicable, vigilant, and active decision maker.

In January 1993, Dick DeVos left his position at Orlando Magic and returned to Amway as its president. He led the company throughout its growth period achieving a market growth of more than fifty countries in six continents. He later headed a corporate restructuring at Amway that saw the firm change its name to Alticor. The restructuring led to the retrenchment of more than 1300 employees in a plan to maximize the company’s profits and improve its financial stability. DeVos remained dedicated to enabling the company to achieve a world class status. He retired from his position at Amway in 2002 leaving behind a legacy of remarkable growth rate for the firm.

After leaving Amway, DeVos joined Windquest Group, a private investment firm dealing in technology and manufacturing products. One of the venture businesses affiliated to Windquest invented a technology that recycles waste heat and generates usable electricity that could be used in production.

Besides being a renowned business personality, DeVos is an active philanthropist. He is the president of Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation that funds religious groups, educational programs, and other initiatives and organizations that promote the wellness of society.

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    The company was dedicated to engaging in practices that were both economically and environmentally viable. Its annual sales revenues had grown to an estimated $4.5 billion. I know that has been doing well for a very long time.

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