Kabbalah – Improving Lives Through Spirituality by Unlocking Life’s Mysteries

Kabbalah is ancient knowledge that explains how the universe works and how mankind can apply its principles to improving life. It has been described as the oldest sacred document in existence.
The Kabbalah can best be described as a collection of principles outlining a spiritual way of life given to humanity through divine revelation. The first known documentation of these principles, known as The Book of Formation, written about 5000 years ago. About three thousand years later a new document, the Zohar or the Book of Splendor, was produced, outlining the major teachings from the original manuscript. This book makes clear that the ancient stories should not merely be accepted as written, but studied for hidden meanings or coded information, advice on how the universe, and mankind, should function in a spiritual manner.
Study of the Kabbalah is now accessible by everyone but this was not always so. In traditional Judaism, knowledge of the Kabbalah was considered privileged information and students, usually male, were only accepted after years of study of Jewish law and after attaining the age of forty, then considered the age of wisdom.
Now Kabbalah is taught to all, as a guide to a more spiritual manner of living, with no religious overtones. The assumption is that all humans have the potential for greatness if these tenets are followed, and can contribute to the creation of a better world for themselves and for others.
At the Kabbalah Centre found in , a non-profit organization founded in 1922, courses provide information on the origin of creation, the spiritual and physical laws that govern the universe, how the application of these principles can assist the journey of the soul, the removal or reduction of life’s negatives such as chaos, pain and suffering and how to achieve fulfillment in life.
The five core principles emphasized in Kabbalah are sharing to connect to spiritual light, awareness that ego encourages negativity, the spiritual laws that affect lives such as the Law of Cause and Effect, recognition that we are all One and the value of helping others to bring light and positivity to all our lives. Learn more about the Kabbalah Centre by visiting their website.

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