IAP Worldwide Services Provides Afghanistan with a Modern Air Traffic Control System

Afghanistan has sought IAP for development of a state of the art Air Traffic Control System. Readiness Management Support, a subsidiary of IAP, was tasked with the role of developing such an elaborate system. The previous control center was extremely outdated as it neither supported radar nor visual flight rule services in the Kabul Flight information region.

As such, the government found it necessary to contract RMS and provide essential services. The subsidiary firm on installed modern communication devices for radio coverage on flights, provided final inspections for flight rules and provided skilled staff on air traffic control towers. RMS sourced subcontractors form ManTech Telecommunications and Midwest ATC Services. The former procured and installed communications equipment while the latter offered air traffic controllers.

IAP Worldwide has established its reputation as a reliable partner in meeting the needs of the United States military. Employees from the firm have undergone intensive training and execute tasks with precision. IAP employees have worked in harmony with the Afghan workers in controlling the Flight Information Region. Furthermore, they have helped in decongesting Kabul which is one of the busiest airspaces between Europe and South East Asia.

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Benefits of IAP Involvement

The foreign team has been beneficial in accomplishing the mission of reviving the country’s aviation infrastructure. The country is on track to reclaiming its former glory as a diplomatic force and regional trendsetter by building modern infrastructure. The collaborative effort has led to arrival of 500 low flying and 10,000 high flying airplanes. Each flight raises high revenues that are diverted to building of new landing routes.

Services Offered By the Firm

IAP Worldwide has diversified its services across the U.S, Middle East and Europe. For instance, customers are provided with sustainable actions for disaster relief and quick response to military disposition. Furthermore, the global enterprise facilitates disaster clean up and power generation to civilians or the armed forces.

About IAP

The company is a global provider of technical services, facilities management and global scale logistics. It is currently staffed by over 2,000 workers across 25 nations. More importantly, IAP strives to solve demanding challenges faced by the private and public sector on The company is equipped to handle various problems anywhere at any time.

It has provided program management and technologies to clients in an effort to promote efficiency and flexibility. An outstanding reputation has been built courtesy of client satisfaction. As such, they have safeguarded their present and future source of income. IAP prides itself in producing excellent results by relying on commitment, focus, agility, capabilities and values as key guidelines for success.

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