Universities Can Prepare Students For the Real World Through Teaching Reputation Management.

Many students go through various school courses, and very few schools offer reputation management as a course or at least part of the main course. When I went to college to study business administration in Maine, I was neither offered a class on personal branding nor taught the importance of managing my online reputation. The bigger problem was that the school philosophy made the students think that the goal was working hard to get good grades, get a degree, and finally get a job.

To me, this was not a helpful way to land a job and improve my career. In fact, when I went for an interview, the HR departments never asked to see my qualification certificate. That’s when I realized how personal branding and reputation was critical for me. The point is that clients do not care about my college GPA, and many people are going through the same thing in their lives. If you are in the same situation as me, it is because the courses you took do not prepare you enough for the real world of business.

When I started looking for a job, the only thing I could show my employers was the online presence I had at the time. Think about my social media life, my website, my previous articles, and past online content work. A point to note is that the online presence at the time was acting as my resume. The only other thing the company needed was my cover letter and my experience. What shocked me was that the firm searched my Google results before they invited me for my first interview.

It happens all the time. Even some clients routinely check my online presence to determine whether I look legit. Although college life was helpful to me, I was challenged to see how the real world of business has changed to something I was never taught in class. Think about the dangers and opportunities surrounding social media? People lose their jobs for a dumb tweet or HR department rejects more than 75 percent of their applicants because of negative information they found online. I believe the best way universities can prepare students for the real world is to teach online reputation management in class.


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